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Mdg for most dangerous game so slash MDG. That sounds fantastic. Thank you randy. Well well done the Mesh up thing. I just I'm a sucker for it every time it's just to create a multi-layered thing like that and and give the world's something new good job. Good job kit out as US. Older folks say I'm not that much older. I don't know old you are but I'm assuming I'm older than you are so jab Kiddo all right. This episode is Rebecca Hall. Who is a phenomenal phenomenal actor? Show show win an Oscar. Someday definitely for acting or directing. She's directing now. We talk a lot about that too. So she'll she's she's going to have at least one of those fancy gold statues. I predict. You heard it here. She you've seen Rebecca Hall in a million things. The Prestige Cristina Barcelona Frost Nixon Dorian. Gray iron man three transcendence. She's in this really really cool and policy series on Amazon. Right now called tales from the loop. And it's it's a series. It's like each episode is like an Anthology series but they all revolve around the same area so the same town. So they're not disconnected stories. So you should definitely watch that now. You got time to do that. So watch that tales from the loop and Rebecca was so wonderful to talk to we. She was at her home in the UK. I was in my home in Los Angeles again. Video conferencing for the win. This has been spectacular. And just I just walk nine feet through. My bedroom is to my office to do work. I hate that I'm not GONNA lie. I like doing these in person when they're possible but I really warmed up to this. It is really really really been great so now. I'm just throwing out names to the to the Nice folks who book the podcast like we'll see about this person. This person doesn't matter where they are. We can do this as long as they have. An Internet connection. So thank you to Rebecca Hall for just being a splendid conversation and really really by the way I also. We talked about this a little bit too as I said before. It's really interesting to see like just sort of a slice of people's homes home offices or whatever and I just have to give props the color of blue in her office. Her design aesthetic is really great and the color of blue in. Her office was incredible. She says the name of it in the podcast. A camera boarded is now. Maybe she said I can't remember what it is but she says it in the podcast and I'm going to hunt down because it is a gorgeous shade of blue and So here we go. This is the podcast number ten sixty five with Rebecca Hall initiating protocol that is the ideal background will think it's just such a cool neutral by the way amazing color of blue. By the way amazing. It is really nice. You can't see it. But in this sort of pinstriped be wallpaper. There is a strip of blue that is almost identical color..

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