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Easier easier the'll right deal for Purdue Brom to win the big ten which has Ohio State Michigan northwestern. Now have those teams run for their money or to go into the ACC in which it's pretty much Clemson and nobody else right now. That's the big question. You can follow him on Twitter at been hard sock myself at Peter burns ESPN. Did you you had one other one right one? Can we can we get into this? I didn't want to bring it up. I don't think we're going to have to go ahead. I want to throw I want you to throw yourself. I had one bonus dumpster fire. Listen radio at professional level it has its quirks. And I'm a football guy played in the NFL college at Ohio State, that's kind of my wheelhouse. But we talked all sports where the, you know, the worldwide leader in sports Jimmy Butler was traded to the seventy Sixers, and I all of my notes did a lot of preparation to make sure I knew the details of the trade, and what was going on. Problem is I wrote down the starting five for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers and earlier I'd made a point is Jimmy Butler similar to lay on bell. Because they're kind of the squeaky wheels getting the grease and I wrote down for the starting five for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers being Jimmy bell. And I said over audio. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Get set it Mike. Okay, Hey audio. audio. Let's. Let's. Look at the starting five they've got now with with Joe Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jimmy, bell, JJ, Graddick and more careful. That's a pretty top to bottom starting putting Jimmy Jimmy bell in there. Match you to back to the well, no, listen, I will condemn you jokers because you kept let me say it over and over because then all of a sudden I thought I'm like man whose jiffy fill the loop here NBA like this is this Jimmy bell a guy that I've never heard of that. How did I miss this guy? That's on the seventy Sixers rolled in the control room heard it the first time, and we go kind of looked at each other. And we're like, oh, he spoke. It happens. You guys are three hours. You misspoke. But then he did it again. And then he did it again. And we're like thinks it's Jimmy bell. I haven't written down right here in front of me. And I keep looking at it look at the starting five, I'm making my point. It's I'm excited about my take about how they're going to compete against the Celtics. They're going to make the east more interesting with this guy. Jimmy, Bill fate listen. And then the rest of that segment was an absolute dumpster fire for the rest of us. You know, what you're still better than what? Louisville had is right. Put it that way, by the way. Chris purchase in here on Twitter. He says guys we have a new president a new AD. Chris Mack is legit in between is a dumpster fire. But guess what remember we had Johnny United. So we had a Heisman just had a Heisman Trophy winner two years ago and a couple of games. So guess what Louisville can do it and they need a little bit new leadership? And they have that he has been hard Sakai Peter burns what we learned this week. And what's the one thing that's already keeping me up at night going into next week? We'll discuss that next. This is the best week ever the best week ever back best week ever ESPN radio. Peter Barnes been hard socked this show is always presented by progressive insurance and all guests appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. Probably save the best for last..

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