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Feed because she was a minor at the time of his death. When i look at george floyd luke. My brother cousin uncle because they are all plaque. I have black brother have friends. And i look at that and i look at how that could have been one of them been nice. I stated apologizing for not doing more and these interacting in his life. It's not what absolute he's now eighteen year old daughter. Neyla frazier testifying at the trial of derek chauvin. Who she says should have saved. George floyd life the next martial artists donald williams who also witnessed floyd's death told prosecutor matthew frank. He called nine one one. After seeing chauvin put floyd and what williams had earlier called a blood choke at some point. Did you make a nine one one. Call that is correct Why did you do that. Because i believe i witness a murder and so are you felt the need to call the lawyers for officer. Derek chauvin attempted to counter the moving accounts by portraying the eye witnesses to george. Floyd death is being part of an angry mob but another one of the eye. Witnesses was an off duty firefighter. Emt genevieve hansen told prosecutor michael frank. She urged the police officers to check. George floyd pulses. He lay motionless on the ground. I also offered in my memory. I offered to walk. Walk them through it or them. If he doesn't have a pulse you need to start compressions and that wasn't done either. This are these things that you wanted to do. It would what. I would have done for anybody when you couldn't do that. How did that make you feel totally distress. Frustrated minneapolis fighter fire and ems genevieve. Hanson broke down in tears as she recalled. Seeing george floyd die and being prevented from helping him visit democracy now dot org to see all of our coverage on the police killing of george. Floyd brazil is facing mounting public health and political crisis on tuesday brazil recorded nearly thirty eight hundred new covid nineteen deaths its highest daily death toll yet. Meanwhile the heads of brazil's army navy and airforce all quit in an unprecedented move a day. After brazil's far-right presidential bolsonaro ousted his defense minister. As part of a broader cabinet shakeup developments. Have alarmed many in brazil. Who believed bolsonaro. Who is a former army. Captain will install ultra loyalist to the military post to consolidate his power at of next year's election when he's expected to be challenged by former president. Louis in osceola to silva the us covid nineteen death. Toll has topped five hundred fifty thousand by far the highest in the world. The true figure is likely far higher. A new study in american journal of public health suggests florida's undercounted. The number of cova deaths by thousands. This comes as arkansas has become the latest state to lift. Its statewide mask. Mandate ignoring calls by president biden for states to keep restrictions in places. Cova cases are rising and twenty six states in vaccine news. Pfizer has announced clinical trials. Show its covid. Nineteen vaccine is a hundred percent effective for youths between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Meanwhile the new york times has revealed. Nyu langone health. A major hospital system in new york city has set aside cova vaccine solely for employees of bloomberg. Which is run by the billionaire. Former mayor of new york mike bloomberg. The news comes just weeks after bloomberg philanthropies gave another part of nyu. That's new york university. A twenty five million dollar donation. In international news palestinian authorities have received one hundred thousand vaccine doses from china. In a boost to efforts to vaccinate the three million palestinians living in the west spank while vaccinated more than half of its population. It has largely refused to vaccinate palestinians. Except for some who work in israel. Or in the illegal settlements. The white house has unveiled a two trillion dollar jobs plan to help address the nation's deteriorating infrastructure it includes over six hundred fifty billion dollars for roads bridges railways and ports over three hundred billion dollars for housing infrastructure three hundred billion dollars for domestic manufacturing and billions for modernizing the electric power grid expanding broadband and eliminating lead pipes and drinking water systems to pay for the plan. President biden wants to increase the corporate tax rate from twenty one to twenty eight percent. Federal tax breaks for fossil fuel companies and crackdown on corporate tax attorney. Since a grand jury in texas is indicted. Two former police deputies on second degree manslaughter. Charges for killing javier ambler forty year. Old african american man. Ambler tasers to death in austin in march of two thousand and nineteen after being pulled over for not dimming his headlights for oncoming traffic as he was dying ambler said quote. I have congestive heart failure. And i can't breathe. Bail has been set at one hundred fifty thousand dollars for the two deputies. James johnson and zachary camden to police officers. The capital who were injured in the january six insurrection have sued former president trump for inciting and directing the right wing rioters. Meanwhile republicans are continuing to embrace backers of the violent insurrection. Videos emerged showing stewart roads. The founder of the far right group oath keepers spoken an official republican event in texas march. Twenty six in the border town of laredo. Other speakers at the event included texas republican party. Chairman alan west over a dozen members of the oath keepers have been charged with conspiracy for attacking the us capitol a warning to our audience. The following story includes graphic description video of a hate crime. new york. Police have arrested a man who viciously attacked a sixty five year old filipino. Woman near times square as she was walking to church on monday video footage shows the men kick the woman in her stomach and then repeatedly stomped on her face while reportedly laying anti asian slurs. The assailant walked away. Bystanders including security guards had luxury apartment. Building did nothing in response. New york mayor candidate.

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