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Own servers. You Jean oh man that's about Google. I wonder John Says John John Lewis's I'd pay to watch him. Come on. Yeah so so you know you get interesting things when you're in the ministry so so I don't know if there's is anyone anyone That still has questions once. Come in If not on get back to Whether you can lose your salvation are some things there that we still have that. I didn't wrap up so John You can help me if you want but the thing you have to understand. I think the best argument against you know if you you want to argue with someone that's saying that you can lose your salvation. I think the best argument is to religious. Ask question when were your sins paid for. That's that's really the only thing you have to ask them because if they say the right answer which is at the Cross. They don't even unrealized. They're done okay. So let me give you that verse in Colossians Chapter to its verse fourteen but going to start in verse thirteen because you don't start in the middle of a sentence KT SAYS KT is saying the guy that guy's no profit to betty doesn't just admit he wrote it himself. Well that is the problem. Isn't it so So as we look at. Let's do this so we can look at it together. There we go what you end up seeing seeing in verse thirteen. That's we're GONNA start it says and you who were dead in trespasses and sins and the uncircumcised in your flesh. God made alive together with him having forgiven awes- all our trespasses so first off how many trespasses did he did he forgive all okay so he forgive all of our trespasses and sins. How did he do it? I fourteen. By cancelling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands this he set aside nailing it to the cross. There you go so here what you see is at the cross all not some all of our trespasses that were cancelled at the cross that whole record is cancelled and I think that is that is in my mind the best argument to us because because if once they recognize that all of the debt was cancelled at the Cross and every sin they commit is future to that act then. Now there's only one of two possibilities you're never saved or you are saved. So you're saved and disobedient or you're never saved you're just a hypocrite. That stopped pretending. Okay bills funny. I liked this message. So he saying that the message from the Lord of.

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