Rocketdyne discussed on Main Engine Cut Off - T+52: XCOR Winds Down, ULA Wins STP-3


That brings up a couple of interesting questions like would you will i prefer to go a single supplier route and have the entire rocket are the entire propulsion for the rockets applied by a single company either going the b four and the be for you or going the air one and the rl ten or they want to go different route and split the rocket have the first stage powered by blue origin and the upper stage powered by urge rocketdyne or vice versa there's probably some cost advantages t the first option there to have a single company working with you because you will have to have these two different agreements with different companies you probably save some overlap of a staff because you can have basically one team interacting with the external vendor but there's also some peace of mind vantage is to the split route for instance you wouldn't be solely dependent on another company in the industry who might change their plans who might change the deals that they require of whoever they're selling their engines to or in the case of lourdes zhang you don't wanna be solely dependent on a company that is a direct competitor to you aired at rocketdyne as a right now has no plans to build a launch vehicle they've flirted with the idea of flying an atlas five for quite a while even tried to buy you will a outright a couple of years ago about blue origin is going to be a direct competitor to you will lay in just a few years so being solely dependent on a company that is a direct competitors obviously a dangerous position to put yourself in a and the other thing is if you go with singlesupplier either aerojet rocketdyne or blue origin you run the risk of a company going out of business changing their mind not offering certain product anymore and being you know kind of screwed in that regard if your entire rocket is dependent on that company's existence or current business plan.

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