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The luxury tax at the time but there is something to hey it might be too much too soon even if the whole world knew that the thunder had the town to get to the nba finals we could be on the brink of that with the philadelphia seventy sixers it's not crazy to think they could get look at the path that's opening up boston's without their two best players and it's incredible what they've been able to do but you're gonna pick austin against a healthy seventy sixers team that would open way to the conference finals and we might or might not see the cavs we might or might not see the raptors nobody's buying in there and you look at the mets if you like i could see the seventy sixers win this and keith pompeii joins us from the philadelphia inquirer covers the philadelphia seventy sixers let's not get ahead of ourselves and talk about the possibilities of other series how how different is this series though once joel embiid steps on the floor i mean when you have joel and be like you have a go to guy on the block i mean it's good as the other guys are it just seems like if shots on falling you don't have one person who you can just say all right we're going to try to split spread the four and you just go to work force and in addition to that you know it's it's how defensively you know he alters a lot of shots she blocked shots and it just seems like teams they basically stay away from the lane when he's in there you know and and i think that's the most underrated aspect of his game i said earlier today like look i was on the ben simmons bandwagon when others were jumping off when he was in college and i love ben simmons i like the way anybody when they when you guys a guy that dimes other people sets them up loves the passed away that simmons does makes everybody want to run the lanes and spine their spots better ben simmons is great but joel embiid in terms.

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