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Now you're talking Back with you from American family field, the Brewers even up the series at a game apiece with a five nothing shut out. Of the Diamondbacks here tonight. Kolten. Wong led off the game with a home run and the Brewers Would only need that, but they'd add for more as the game would go along. Hey, the crew hit a couple of home runs tonight. That means that another $200, the hunger task force Milwaukee, courtesy of Orthopedic Associates. Of Wisconsin. Let's jump into the scores around the rest of baseball today. Bunch of interleague games will give you those in a second. In the National League. The Nationals win 3 to 2 in Philadelphia over the Phillies. Rhys Hoskins said his 16th of the year Bryce Harper with his ninth Max, Sure you got the win. In New York Atlanta three. Nothing winner over the Mets stands be Swanson hit his 12th of the year. San Diego leads the Dodgers 3 to 1 that games in the bottom of the eighth inning. Jake Cronin North has hit his 10th. Hassan Kim, as it is fifth of the year in interleague play, the Reds, 10 and the Twins seven. Pittsburgh is 63 winner at home over the White Sox. ST Louis falls on the road to Detroit. In Miami, Toronto, A 21 winner over the Marlins in Chicago, the Cubs When it's 71 over the Indians, the Giants shut out the Angels in Anaheim five to nothing. And a final in Seattle. As the Mariners win it, 2 to 1 over the Rockies will come back and give you the American League scores right after this brewers win it five to nothing. Over the Diamondbacks here tonight. This is the Brewers radio Network, The Brewers and Wtmj go.

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