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C. participating stores for scheduling or exclusions two fifteen traffic then back to in depth with the former Surgeon General of the United States but now brought you by Jerome's furniture you're traffic with dozens off and we've had some really really tough trips out there definitely getting busier by the minute kind of looks like we're start to see some of that so long holiday weekend get away traffic and we had a crash on the eastbound side of the two ten it was at Irwindale Avenue that cleared a long time ago but the drive really has recovered I think like I said just a lot of folks out hit the road now so you can expect to ride the brakes from mountain really into and out of San demus side at this point but east of that towards a goal past not too bad at all south of sixty five a peg which had the two middle lanes take a bike crash that has you can't come away from the sixty he spent ten quite a bit of volume here as you get through west Covina and that construction zone that actually worse is usually promoted getting towards a Montclair but still better than the eastbound sixty where we have that road work again okay but the two right lanes taken away totally jammed coming away from Euclid your local alternates Philadelphia street to mission that is going to save you a little bit of grief just over the past update across their brand with the four five Jan kill we're gonna clear this crash northbound side right at Skirball mall hall on top of the hill this is an injury crash everything over to the right now damage done you're going to be slow from Sunset Boulevard now if you like to use a Paul what I'm taking a look at that right now for the west side to the valley it looks pretty good if you want to use that maybe save a little time at the south outside the five just out of the east interchange at Indiana right laid down for the count and really frustrating the drive back from just about the ten sambar Dino freeway north at one ten looks pretty heavy out of south LA headed through a downtown LA but haven't seen anything reported from CHP and lands at Pacific coast highway get.

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