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We're seeing some arrests now of people who stormed the capital. A man photograph smiling, carrying house speak of Nancy Pelosi's lectern while a mob of President Trump's supporters Storm the nation's capital, leaving five dead. Is among dozens who have been arrested. According to officials, Adam Johnson in Florida, was arrested Friday night He was quickly ideas on social media and had posted about being there. The man who sat in Pelosi's office chair with his feet up. Richard Barnett of Arkansas, was also arrested, as was the man dressed as a bare chested Viking Jake Anjali of Arizona End up Jensen of Iowa, the man apparently seen on video, leading a mob up the stairs chasing a loan officer who tried to hold them back. Then there's West Virginia state lawmaker Derrick Evans, who posted video online this bumping with the police officer. He was arrested. His grandmother defended him two Ws Z. He's a fine man, and thank you, Mr Trump for inviting that right right at the White House. Meanwhile, Seattle's interim police chief says two officers are on administrative leave. And under investigation after being seen on social media. They're on Julie Walker. Correspondent Catherine Herridge. Reports on the investigation on explosive devices found nearby, viable 12 inch metal pipe bombs found Wednesday at the Democratic and Republican National Committee headquarters near the capital are described by law enforcement as taking their probe to the next level. The pipe bomb is designed to kill her mane. Scott Switch. Oh is a former A TF and FBI explosives expert, particularly if it's made out of metal, which is what the construction appears to be with. These two devices are law enforcement analysis, reviewed by CBS shows both devices used mechanical timers and contained unknown powder. Prosecutors have so far filed 17 cases in federal District Court and 40 Maurine the D. C. Superior court. The Capitol police officer who died from injuries suffered during the riot is being honored in his home state of New Jersey correspondent Erin Khutor Skate Jersey Governor Phil Murphy ordered flags to be flown at half staff Monday in memory of Brian Sick Nick, the officer who died after defending the capital from the violent mob. In a statement, Murphy said sick, Nick embody the selfless spirit of his native state before joining the Capitol. Police sickness serve. With the New Jersey Air National Guard and had deployed overseas federal agents and D C. Police have launched an investigation to determine how sick Nick died and to identify anyone who may have contributed to his death. Authorities believe he had a medical condition, but they're also investigating whether he was attacked with a fire extinguisher. Vaccine hubs are now open for eligible New Yorkers. Air Carol D'Auria report..

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