Forty Kilos, Two Hundred Three Pounds, Sixty Kilos discussed on Mark Bell's Power Project


Right. Like, don't even wrong cleans the statues, or amazing. Right. I was pure in the beginning, all my God. Every one of my guys did that like you wouldn't believe I think, that's how I initially got quote unquote validated as a string coaches because I had seven foot snatch. And they looked good right? So in back of my head and look. I'm good strength coach because they can do shit. Reality, probably like until I had forced place. I was like fuck was doing. The only good like they did it with good form. But it's like, yeah, you got sixty kilos in your hands. Sweet like that doesn't mean shit if you're trying to actually get a response and so now I have to regress these models. So we do a lot of variations that we just take a trap or and do the same type of intent. So, for instance, raw from there with a clean, you pull it the same you catch at the same. The only difference is you don't manipulate the bar around your around your body, and catch it in this awkward phase where this risk extension so now just hijacked the system to be able to get. Awesome. Really, really fast. And these guys are moving weights like twenty to forty kilos like experience, litters removing twenty to forty kilos more at a faster rate. Yeah. Why would I just go down that path of just so gone on what you're saying? You can start wherever you, you can have your end goal in mind. But don't be afraid to regress and you can get heavy on her crashes like you can train it. Well, just for instance my guys they got manipulate their center mass, and they got these long levers and that's hard. That's hard day one when they come in, and, and we, we deadly for the first time they're there with two hundred and three pound keto Bill to them. They're like no way, I can even touch them Burke foot stand over top of it manipulate. Hey, that's how you manipulate a load now this is you your taking your levers and using it to your advantage. I don't care. How tall you are now we put a barbell in your hand with two hundred three pounds..

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