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All I've been told fishery is that it's very, you know, well known much loved high, you know, highly respected figure in the college athletic world. The Dallas Morning News is reported. Alrighty, that you know, Scott Woodward is is the man that many beliefs that will be, but he has not told his people at Texas ain't him yet. And no-one at LSU has said that get just routes for people understand Scott Woodward, who by all accounts is one of the best athletic directors in the country. We just talked to him a week ago on this program will some of you outside of that Rouge or college station, maybe asking why Scott Woodward will Scott grew up in Baton Rouge. Went to LSU has worked at LSU. He worked here under Mark emirate and went with Mark Emmers to Washington, Mark. And of course, now, the president of the NC double A, Stephanie, I realized so much of this is unknown at this point. But this board of supervisors would it have been there. Call to make or would it or was it king Alexander the president who subsequently made the call. How do you think it went down? Well, mccreavy the board of supervisors can't fire killer leaper, so technically it wouldn't be there. Call to make by the letter of the law, but whether they pressured king Alexander to make that decision whether there were higher up political forces involved, which some have have said like in, you know, at the state highest levels of state government, technically, no, the board did not force him out. But did the board apply pressure and did others? In state government apply pressure. I think it got to the point where the writing was on the wall and everybody could see it. If that makes sense your stuff in the mean, we're talking about that Rouge here. Nothing nothing makes sense. But you, but you've done a great job of trying to make sense out of it all, and that's why we were so eager to have you on Stephanie. Thank you, a quite a scoop by you and your publication, and we always enjoyed chatting hope you'll come back. Thank you so much have a good afternoon, Stephania RIA. We've talked to over her in the past. And again today, she broke the story of a couple of hours ago that Joe alita is out nothing official yet from Baton Rouge. But then again, you probably wouldn't expect that. It is it is going to be a long day. And I'll tell you I rarely about seeing a report of someone's demise cheered on more than this one. I think we for those of you have watched the show in the past. Joe liba was not a very popular man in Baton Rouge. In fact, the Stanley Jacobs who was a former LSU board member gave a quote to Glenn Guilbeault disaster. Noon saying I tried to take him out years ago. But I swung and missed. And now it looks like the board in administration have finally got it. If the story is true, I tried fervently to take him out. Well, I joked with a friend of mine today that of of the greatest days in history would this one rank anywhere near Billy cannons. Punt return, and the LSU graduate said, yes, it would rank pretty high up there. Just to show you the unpopularity of Joel Eva. And certainly all of us all of those all of us who have been countered him throughout the years. Wish him. Well, we'll take a break. Eight five five two four to seven to eight five. We have a lot more to do on the show before we head to the break. We'll get to your calls a lot of guests. But this has been the big story in Tim Brando, who chip us off last night at nine thirty saying he heard a lever was on the verge of getting fired. But we didn't have a show. There wasn't much. We could do with it. Tim will join us in a little while as well. We have a lot to do on this Wednesday afternoon..

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