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Is it better or worse than hey, Um, it's a little more intense than him. Put it that way. Um, would you use a transparent public toilet? I'm sorry. What I know I can't even believe this question is posed to the reader like People can watch you go to the bathroom. All right, so this is popped up in a Tokyo park. Transparent public toilets? Yes, you can see right inside. Why am I really surprise? It's Japanese. It's partially the point of these bathrooms, right? They always have these bizarre. Have you seen their game shows in stock? Correct. They're rooted in the most bizarre behavior, right? All of them. So, the designers say, being able to see inside let you know if the bathrooms are safe if they're clean If there's anyone else using the facility, these are their men's women's and multipurpose toilets for park goers. Someone goes inside, though the and locks the door, the glass turns opaque. Okay, seen these before, Right? No one on the outside can actually see you doing your business. But They can tell if someone's in there. It's a little weird that telephone booth What is it like? What was that show? Um let's make our Ah gosh, the one with the banker that set up with Howie Mandel. All deal or no deal. Deal? No deal. So you can tell someone's in the John but like it's like the banker. Just a guy sits a silhouette of a guy sitting on the John Oh, Lord. Yeah, that's not weird or anything. I'm gonna just go ahead and say no, because I would be the guy that uses it. And the opaque malfunctions isn't there in all your glory and people are walking by your like madness. People are looking at me like they could actually see my God. They can't see me, huh? The toilets light up a night too. They're saying they serve as lanterns in the park. So yeah, I could see the glass malfunctioning. That opaque feature malfunctioning Jack Windsor joining us now, Jack, I'm sure you heard us talking about this is one of those things that has to make you go. Really? Why were these even invented? Probably Well festival. Thanks for having your welcome. Always blasting to be here and talk with you after oppressor. It really You know, I think it's about Verona because you know if you think about it, if it's uh, if you're able to see in the sunlight could come in right away. And that's that vitamin D and it's going to disinfect the place. I think it's probably a covert specific inventions. Ah, your Your positivity is well, I don't I don't know it's off the charts. Quite frankly, Parents toilets could save lives turned ST Marq Right? Yeah, I just It was one of those things I go. I'm going to bring Jack in on this because I'm sure you would have a take. And there it is. Your glass is always half full, Jack. And that's what I love about you, brother brother. Well, I have to, You know, I have to stay positive because you know, I was expecting today that you're going to hear a lot more. And, you know, I'll give the governor of the benefit of the doubt. We had some technical difficulties, and it took me a little while to get back on. And by the time I got back on, I thought Oh, my gosh. Did I miss a big announcement? So you know, I've been shaking the bushes and going. Hey, what did you hear What you hear on guy was disappointed. I thought they would really unpack. You know key pieces of what's gonna happen with sports, but it sounds like they're going to put that up online. We're gonna have to read it. And then come back with more hard questions on Thursday, Right? So you were number three. Today if I remember correctly, Jack Windsor from Wftv TV. And what else should I put with your title? Now? Are there other titles you would like me to add? When I bring you on to introduce you or we're going to stay with that. No, I think that's perfect. But I am an independent investigative reporter working with Wftv at Mansfield, and I am also now the managing editor of the Ohio Star. Which is an online news publication and part of a family of five news publications throughout what we would call the battleground states, the Ohio Star. And where could people pick that up? What is that in a specific city or is it just? Ah, ah is specific to adjust Ohio So you want to go to places all the W's the Ohio star dot com and then search on Facebook, The Ohio Star and the content get, we'll get pumped into your Facebook news feed. And then if you bookmark that you could go to the site. We usually switch up are refreshed content att about midnight. So if you have a midnight you like like me if your night out you like to read, That's a great place to go. Or you can have it fresh, you know, early in the morning when you get up outstanding. Okay, so the order for contact and non contact high school sports can go forward. And according to the governor today that was his Well, I would say the main announcement you also like I was kind of saying you were number three today. What was your question? Do you wantto do you want to go over your question for him? You would You like to go there? Okay, cool. What? We actually, absolutely so I talked about our knowledge that this virus was here in January, and in fact, one county Fights November We've heard that it has a contagious factor Contagion factor of 2.5 to 5. So this thing likely spread significantly without us knowing it, And when you look back on the influenza like illness data from Ohio, it shows that at one point in February Without you know, before policies. We had 1200 hospital admissions, and that's the worst that we've seen since knowing about Kobe. We've had 700. We also know that many schools closed with the flu like virus last winter, they didn't appear to be flew A fully be many Ohioans now believe that this was called So that being said, we had a winter sports season. But we didn't seem to have serious issues of high school athletes. Nor did we see hospitals overcrowded with athletes, their parents or the governor likes to say, Grandma. Now that we have more immunity, better diagnostic measures ways to treat code successfully without a vaccine and even the doctor today, Dr Borders former Ohio State Buckeyes mentioned that the heart condition that they're worried about is extremely rare. So given all this data, um and what we know about the are not factor being below one, the positivity rate being below five in the force. Uh, the decreasing trend in positive cases, hospitalizations in death. This virus is under control. So my question was, Why are we restricting our kids? Why can't we give them a restricted free season? The CDC has already said, Um, the greatest risk kids suicide, drug abuse, depression and covert is not transmitting. Two teachers from kids. So why're we had no organist information? And why were we not allowing our kids to go forward with a full season Did he do is normal and just kind of brush, pass it and just kind of say what he wanted to say. I'm not really answered what you were asking, in a sense, Yes, but he said something that I think goes to the crux of what the re Elish you is and he said, when you start out With different fax. You draw different conclusions. So what he was basically saying is what you're saying his bunk and I don't believe you And he said, you know, look, this virus is spreading from kids, too..

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