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One more comment about the gentleman who asked me about whether or not the repositioning of this troops in northern Syria to have this huge impacts of the system all numbers I am impressed that forty three percent of Republicans say they don't know enough to have a position one way or the other on whether or not what Donald Trump is doing regarding repositioning the troops are in northern Syria is a good idea but but but I thought Donald Trump had the Republican supporters in a trance I thought no matter what Donald Trump wanted to do the Republicans would go along with it you know like lemmings you know the way they did about the separation policy on the border accepted the they didn't you mean the way they did when Donald Trump talked about a more gun control legislation said that they didn't forty three percent more than support the move forty one percent support it a greater number say we don't know enough to make a decision one way or the other whether not Donald Trump is make made the right move but but I thought Donald Trump had turned the Republican Party into a bunch of robots a bunch of atomic times can you **** whenever you want to do something please that we were telling you about our culture warrior of the year we now have it down to six finalists there were over five hundred nominees the came in and the Salem editorial board Whittle it down to six finalists they are Candace once good one time was a Liberal Democrat and she woke up Alan Sears he was a leader of alliance defending freedom for more than twenty years Gary Sinise raised a lot of money for the troops Abbie Johnson was one of the top managers at Planned Parenthood until she had an epiphany Franklin Graham Revan Graham Billy Graham's son he serves as a leader of Samaritan's purse which is a worldwide relief organization that save the lives of thousands around the world through and through donations and grants and Charlie Kirk the founder of turning point USA we just talked to him last week he started turning point USA when he's eighteen years old today he is twenty four has chapters at over one thousand colleges and high schools so those are are the six nominees Candace owns Alan Sears Gary Sinise every Johnson Franklin Graham and Charlie cook in order to participate go to my website Larry elder dot com and vote for the Salem culture warrior of the year now in Dayton an armed robber inter is a dollar general store points his gun at the clerk bad news for the armed robber the clerk has a gun fired a shot and killed the suspect yes whom the siblings are blaming for their arm brother's death first the story we are following breaking news a dollar general store in Dayton and listen to this police say it was actually the clerk that shot and killed a person trying to rob that store north Gettysburg Avenue that's when you said seven can occur valid live outside of that store now we're told this store has been targeted for times in just the past year but never a deadly shooting this is Gettysburg Avenue when this all closed off last night right after that shooting happened as you can see it has since reopened but it was right before nine o'clock last night they said Amanda walked in through the front doors here this dollar general with a gun he demanded money from the register that's when the clerk and shot the man the man walked out the doors and collapse right near where we're standing right now so it seems that it happened we've reached out to dollar general to find out if the clerks to work here an eighty dollar general are allowed to have guns with them behind the counter there were multiple people inside the store at the time this took place detectives were out here talking with them but just in the past two years and there have been other cases similar to this one now no one has ever died as a result of these armed robberies we had a one in October one in December of twenty seventeen both times the suspects got off with cash and then just in the past all this the man made off with a hundred dollars in store at gun point so we have reached out to the corner about the identity of the person involved in this also we have noticed some security cameras that are here at the store so we know this is all being used as part of the investigation we are continuing to make calls to police and we'll keep you updated on their end on the W. H. I. O. news that as we get that information and reporting live he will prevail news center seven now the suspect in his middle twenties has simplex and the siblings admit that their arm brother pointed a gun at a clerk but guess who the siblings to blame for their brother's death the.

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