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Starring Frank Khan as Buffalo Bill Cody and curious. Soltan has any of the year is eighteen ninety six the places Elgin Illinois on this hot August afternoon. Eight thousand residents of the town and surrounding areas have packed films. Where in hopes of seeing some of the legends of the Wild West including the woman now entering her dressing ten. Are you ready for this show? I'm Annie Oakley little sure shot always ready to show folks how ladies shoot suing the over the shoulder shut this afternoon. Course may even get the issue ashes off a cigarette in someone's mouth that always gets Yeah I reckon it does too bad. People don't get the message of smoking is bad for you own. Well has any Oakley prepares performance. We now turn our attention to a dark alley a few blocks to the south where for boating black time and space suddenly materializes. It's the ship of that corrupt criminal. Mastermind Dr Steve and it sucks shaped assistant. We off just a few blocks away buffalo. Bill cody is presenting his wild west show featuring none other than Phoebe and Moses. You've never heard of her. Oh of course you have so you probably know her by her more well known name any Oakley who is Annie Oakley yes she's just only the best woman shop shooter that ever lived or she could shoot just about anything you asked to shoot a dime thrown into bid air at nine hundred feet. Oh she was alleging with just think of how much of that needs pistols would fetch on Ebay in our own time. Now Hurry up and put on your disguise. Stephen Scheming steal one of Anne always pistols. Is there anyone that can prevent this maniacal mastermind from achieving his dastardly deed? Hopefully we'll be are here on the world leader in forward thinking that big brain with small I had the world's most brilliant scientists duct Appeals there wait a minute which is very grand. Yes Dr Floyd just your video dish. Nope that's not mine. Where did you find it? We're here? We're Mr Beardie Jen's create used to be. He must have left us a message before we dropped him off. Let's put it in look. It is Mr Beauty. Jin what the heck is this supposed to mean? I Dunno practice subtitles button and see what does that. Do you stutter. Floyd chip says. We're picking up some strange readings from around the edges of the time and space stream warm. Or what kind of readings chips on the main screen. Look at that Dr Floyd. What are those things moving around the edges of the wormholes net? You're what they could be. I've never seen anything like it before. Should I sit the computer to try? And Dr Steve is maintained jump. We'll have to investigate what those are leaders chips make a time jump to get up with Dr Steve. Heroes jumped through the very fabric of time itself. They have no idea. They're being watched by two ominous shadows hovering in the time in space. They've made another time jump else. Let's go off to them. No you know what the king said he said. We're only to watch and gather information. The time will come to deal with them soon. Enough you all right. I'll call in the report. His Majesty must be in far. Who are these two eagle-eyed watchers times face stream answer that question? We'll have to wait. Is there more pressing events occurring in the year? Eighteen ninety six any oakland just finished sharpshooting demonstrations here. Braniac WE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Thank you folks and remember that. Smoking upbeat veteran members of Captain Dart's Battery D fifth regimen of the US artillery that announcer off every time and he'll be makes her way back to work. She does she encounters to rather scruffy looking job and that was awfully good. Shooting out them is okay. Thank you Hon. You boys enjoy the show. What was that? Oh don't pay no MIND TO MISS. Oakley got himself a speech impediment. He says he enjoyed the show. Just fact well that's good you boys here with your parents know. Actually Ma'am we're we'll we're off in. Our mother and father passed on several years ago but unfortunate accident with mechanical rice picker. Now we live on the streets and I take care of my brother here why that is just the saddest store at heard this is. It is quite a good story. I mean I mean it is very sad. Lost my father at an early age and then my step father after that. Yes yes I know. I read about that on the website. I mean I didn't know that when now we just tried to find the odd job here and there to earn us a bit of money boys know how to do. Maybe I can give you a job tonight so you can earn a little scratch. That would be most kind Miss Oakley. We're good at several things that have mending fences whitewashing fences shining pistols of legendary shop. Shooting Lanc no need for any fences being mended or whitewashed but I do have a pistol here that needs some Shannon. Why don't you two boys fall me over to the ten? We'll get jaw said Miss Oakley Ma'am you us so not seeming pitcher. Follow any Oblique Tour. Ten while our heroes. Tucker Floyd is younger. Protege Dr Grand. Their FAITHFUL ROBOT. Companionship's land their spaceship the 1896. Wow Dr Floyd. The town looks pretty empty. I think there'd be some people around what poster he means this one. It's for the Buffalo Bill. Cody Wild West show. That must be where everyone is. And I'm willing to bet. Dr Steve is quick. Go into the cargo. Hold and get a change of clothes for this time period chips you stay with shipping. Just a few minutes. Dr Floyd Grand Walking Up to Fountain Square or Buffalo Bill. Cody's wild west show is gearing up for their second show of the day to grant. Why did you get his cowboy? Which for trump. These aren't really period closed for a city in eighteen. Ninety six well we are going to a wild west show so I just thought we should dress appropriately. Don't you like my ten gallon hat? Yes it's very nice. Well it's not as Nice as your two pint tat Dr Gray and older out there you to grant turn around and come face to face with a tall cowboy with long hair and not. Golly you're buffalo bill cody. Aren't you that I am? And you must be the new performers for the whole of the deadwood stagecoach. Actually we Anson. I don't have time to stand around here. A Yak in getting there and see the horse master about which horses Yobe Rat. We're not really geared as Buffalo Bill. Cody redesigned website. Arm Duck. Avoid Dr Grant. Turn Tail and run into the showgrounds. Will they be able to prevent Christif swiping one of these guns realized that the two children she took it or not children? Oh just wondering the odds of losing both parents to mechanical rice picker by next week on the radio but just smoking is bad for you..

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