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Coming up after on her. If he's news at three thirty. There's big Nike could controversy happening right now. Their new ad campaign. Features Colin Kaepernick and everybody, of course is freaking out flipping out. So I'll get into that story. But we were just talking about the funerals over the weekend the to Beja funerals. John McCain funeral which was covered by everybody. And then the Aretha Franklin funeral which was you saw excerpts of it. We were just talking the Aretha one was the one that really kind of stood out as far as. Just things to talk about because of all the personalities. They're all the characters they were gonna be like Stevie Wonder was there. And I mean, it was almost like Showtime at the Apollo a little bit. You know in terms of just you know, like an all star cast. It was turned into a show, which is what you wanna do in those situations you want to go. You know what I mean? You know, go out Solomon, all you can go out and have sustaining and something uplifting. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. You celebrate the life rather than more. I mean morning you have to do that. But it's a celebration of her life is what it should be, you know, all these funerals should be. But behind the the the pastor the Reverend that was talking you had Al Sharpton, you had Bill Clinton about tell you something. I don't think I anybody loves Bill Clinton more than black community. I mean, seriously nicely. He was like a America's first black president. I'm not kidding. Bill Clinton, probably get more votes. If he ran for office now than probably any black handling that guy. I mean, they just they don't care what he did. They don't care. Monica Lewinsky stuff later on some, but they don't carry any. That's just when he got up there. And we're talking about Aretha and saying last time he saw Retha, and she looks at she goes how you doing baby. Here's what nuts. And he started telling stories I mean, he's he's he's he's a charmer. Man. The guy is a term, but with Clinton out there. She had Clinton you Al Sharpton, and then you Jesse Jackson..

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