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Right now like lackey and leicester in la admitted area oh three qualifiers or do the opposite duty oils to end game three hundred five day you'll get an extra day in and then can canada on sixty show where look in the first five two and three in chicago let's say lustre the area angered kentuckiana but i tell you what joe murphy espn 1000 longtime sports talk show host in chicago i think it was kevin matthews and mike murphy the two guys that i would listen to come in on high school so i'll away look at you ever nancy but i got myself if i were yeah well listen back in 1998 were coming off eighty nine said things were not going well for the cubs for a few years back then so it's got to be kind of nice that at least you can complain about the manager and it really is fascinating is team wins the world series in there is so much criticism of joe man well olga exactly right it actually started a year ago and a world series game video games southern and like your amazing cubs fan after one hundred eight years a window world series hadn't even done kitchens 1945 there were no world series champion chicago are upset because they didn't liked way to joe mad madden use chapman in game against the indians certainly window world serve guiding light away and i dunno yellow oil at all but he didn't like it.

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