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Episodic something In animation formed just to like fuck further with your brain with all the Catholicism and your dad probably at some point we're GONNA learn knows how to fly so might as well make it animated we're featured in two articles that just came out vulture magazine article called comedy. Podcast stay home Were mentioned right away about keeping it going during these tough times right yeah superheroes. I don't have time. Nurses don't have time for interview. So we're the ones keeping it going right and you can look up also authority magazine. He Mellon Kinda from Keith. And the girl here are five things you need to know to create a very successful podcast and actually to tell you guys. The truth is six things but they like to focus on the number five and so we snuck it in there and check them. Everyone's a trickster. It's all right there that was on. Everybody knows on medium DOT com. Which I think is a big deal. It's a big deal. Yeah Take that Horny magazine. Under medium DOT COM. It's very exciting. We didn't talk yet about Bernie Sanders dropping out. My God. I heard that news and it broke me and I don't even know how involved in politics Damn but man. I did not know how much in love I was with him. I didn't know how much hope I had because of him and I took a stress nap. I'm not even kidding you because I I you know the sound stupid to say but I don't understand a country who votes for gibberish. Talking Maroon bags I don't understand when a guy is fully honestly in just so clearly on your side and you go no not you. I don't know how to put that together. It's too good. I'm telling you how it's too good. Why would you want everything so good right now? We want to Kinda Shitty just a little better but over time. Nice and slow. It's God maybe I sound like a hippie. But it's just what did he say. I mean these other two clowns their quotas fucking horrendous I in quotes. What did he say? That turned you off what sentence. I don't remember him going you know. Let's give this to people and I go for what for. What are you even saying. I have multiple times..

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