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M c a dot org's 6 48 Eastern standard time, traffic and weather on the AIDS to rob Stole worth in the traffic center. We're going to start in Virginia with Beltway remains clear between Alexandria and Dylan mccleen westbound. I 66 as you head toward Haymarket. Still one broken down along the rights partially blocking that right lane now, with a state trooper and v dot Arrow board on scene traveling further west on I 66 toward front, Royal Rashes after Markham exit 18 and before Lyndon at Mile Marker. 15 point for blocking the right lane. Hopefully, responses. They're westbound. I 66 after Markham with right lane this block for that particular crash eastbound 66 clear between front Royal in Rosslyn. No problems on I 95 rise 3 95 between Fredericksburg and the 14th Street Bridge. In the district North Bound D. C. Tu 95 After Pennsylvania Avenue. The right side is blocked for the crash before Benning Road. Otherwise, the memorial Bridge still closed between Virginia and the district until tomorrow morning's rush hour at 5 A.m.. Things are clear on the Beltway through Prince George's County. But on the outer loop between New Hampshire Avenue in University Boulevard, two left lanes gets hit by the work zone over the Northwest branch. After that, you should be clear as you leave silver Spring. Headed toward Bethesda. Things that clear on 2 70. No problems on 9 95 on the Baltimore Washington Parkway between two beltways route 50 across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge remains clear and open with three lanes west into lanes in the eastbound direction. Your $50 office now heating repair, Plus, get a free one inch filtered down +8554 nights now or visits, no heating and air dot com I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p. Traffic, not a storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's a lot of sunshine today. Maybe a few peeks this morning, but we'll have some showers, pushing it through the middle part of the day temperatures in the mid to.

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