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President Trump, Mcconnell, United States discussed on The Takeout



That perhaps some people are incorrectly pronouncing the chairman's name. So if I did I apologize in any event what we've seen in the house or the past. Few months has been an outrageous violation. Elation of President Trump's writes he has said repeatedly and fully. He wants to make sure that his legal team as well as those of us working on his behalf protect stole his rights wherever the venue is that we are able to fully protect US rights that happens to be the United States Senate given how perverse the house process as span and as we continue to work with majority leader McConnell and other United States senators will discuss the best way to proceed. I guess a framework that many people have discussed gosh in relation to how things unfolded in one thousand nine hundred nine. Essentially would eric striving at is the rules will be determined as they always are matters. Like this. Whatever fifty-one senators agree? Upon that is essentially the Truth and Mitch. McConnell has said that that is the underlying reality. Do you have any anxiety. Eric Ula head of legislative affairs for the trump White House that any republicans skins are of two or three minds on this that you might see some of them. Stray on this question of witnesses. Are you trying to hold them all together so that they're not be witnesses so you can go to a swift motion to dismiss. After the presentation and Question Phase One period is oval. Well reserving odd how you frame your question Chan had not stipulating the framing as you put it. The president's focus from the beginning has been on the facts part of laying out. The facts is to explain into not just the American public but also his allies in Congress.

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President Trump, Mcconnell, United States discussed on The Takeout

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