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It's a contrast in personality. It's the closed door versus the open door. It's it's a special five-man major excessive Bill. Right now, he is he you know, whoever wants talked to him. He's he's willing to is calm Gregor was very similar back in the early days. Like, it's just seemed like any publicity is good. Boy, he's to talk to whoever is going to you know, if there was a camera on him. He was going to say something, you know, what I mean, he was he was did you hear Dana to the fight thing out of sonya's on McGregor liked Trajan. His throw that around that often for as much as he goes out. Brian are Brian was saying Danny about this part. We'll be heaping all this praise and all these guys, and I can't wait for that fight. Whenever that's going to be what about Kevin gasoline. What does he go from here? I mean, definitely take a break. I mean, those fights hard fights that can take years out of you. Right. Plus two training camps. Right. Like, right. Back to back in in going into it. He he made it clear like, I'm kind of tired. You know, this is this has been a little rough. It's been a rough road. Duffy take some time off. And look, we know the sport changes a lot see how the division looks around November. You know, maybe it's completely different. But I think he's up there in the top five. I mean, you give them a fighter too depending on who he beats in how he looks. He's right back up there and giving the exciting fight that he put on against assign yet Braun excited to see him against me. Shelby right here. Give them Chris wideman the guy he just lost to the only loss during that run sort of an agent name guy, maybe can be coming off the loss. That's that's great match. I think if if the timeline aligns if Jared Cananea gets passed Anderson Silva that could be good fight as well. There's something interesting. One more second than just celebrate. What would have caught assigning can be? I just had her and told you oughta Sonya proved that he's the next big little start. And he's the real he went into the deep end. And he was the guy that came out, and I wouldn't favor them gun to my head against Whitaker. That shows you how great that fight. Yeah. It's even with all whatever's time off to like, so I think the betting odds are out if you've got to sign up for the first time ever is an underdog. Slide slide, but I would say you guys know how much I love on a sign his game. I think it's next level on the other hand. I think it's appropriate that would occur as the is the betting favourite. So really what what a weekend you have see to thirty six other people like just Emporia getting drowned out four Khalil Roundtree. Of his career. And no one's talking about it not because it wasn't special because the other stuff was historic literally historic. So pretty amazing. Beyond say, Arianna Guerande and Drake are talked about ad nauseam as celebrities. But there's one thing that's rarely discussed their music on switched on pop. We go deep into the sounds of pop music to explain what it means how it's made. And why it's so effective. We talked with some of today's greatest artists producers journalists to decode the musical logic behind our modern soundtrack and understand its role in our culture. Switched on pop won't reveal for you. How a secretive Swedish producer is behind many of the top ten hits of the past twenty years, and we'll uncover the ways that songwriters embed their political activism into today's most popular tracks. We'll show you the surprising musical similarities between Cardi B and temple swift. And we'll even dive into the classical pass to hear how the Jonas brothers MIR Mozart's youthful party days, I'm songwriter. Charlie. Harding, and I'm using colleges. Nate sloan..

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