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But it turned out i had no creaking idea how stunning the actual clips would be i've never seen anything so alien and so beautiful so unsettling but also in a way so unifying obviously it's been a europe disasters here in america who just natural disasters like hurricanes but also moral and political disasters like the conflict in charlottesville in the trump administration's ongoing campaign to purge the republic of all decency truth and compassion but the eclipse was a respite from all that if only for a couple of minutes and for me it was the emotional high point of a weeklong road trip across america i kept the kind of audio diarrhea but triple and today i want to play tape that i gathered at three very different stops on that journey i'm going to tell these three stories in reverse order that's partly because they just make more sense that way but i'm also taking inspiration from a sign that i saw at the patterson bill service plaza on the new york state through way one of the restrooms at the patterson bill stop was closed and somebody who put up a hand meet sign that said temporarily out of order ahead to laugh because the sign sounded like a title that philip k dick would give to a sciencefiction story about a time travel experiment gone haywire anyway to this whole episode is going to be too poorly out of order seen the eclipse in illinois was actually the first big event on my trip but i'm going to tell that story last and before we get there i'm going to take you to the spot that has more confederate monuments than any other place in america ahead for you it's not in the south.

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