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Stephen hayes went in he perked purchase the gas um the gasoline in those two jugs he actually is bought seven o'clock he actually got lost on his way back to the home um driving around more than necessary he was communicating with joshua either by way of texture phone calls or both to try to find his way back to the pet it home which of course we know he ultimately did he unloaded the gas and then he drove mrs pet it to the bank of america he mostly drove around you had said yesterday that she was in their longer than he had expected and i think this probably made him nervous knowing that there would be some type of cameras are possible surveillance outside of the bank so he was driving around may be to hide his identity a little bit better um but during this time joshua still bank at the house he severely escalated the nature of the crimes that would be committed stephen hayes says that when he returned with mrs petty in the money back to the house the joshua had told him that he had sexually assaulted the 11yearold girl that was locked in a room upstairs he said that joshua provoked him provoked stephen hayes into raping mrs pettitte while hayes was raping her on the floor of the living room joshua entered the room at some point and announced that bill pettitte had excaped the house he ebola's be clear about this because you don't when their first arrested josh has come in out right away sinn my name is josh there's these boom here's the people that are in the house when stephen is arrested he doesn't give them the name he doesn't basically cooperate at all within hours they're both kind in turning on each other this is discharged it what kind of horrible pieces of shit these people are when they say all wall he provoked me to rape the mother yeah you could to set now you've got gasoline because you're worried about fingerprints and dna so you knew your glen torch this house.

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