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Your hands where the polls yeah we just missed Dave Robbins in canton Georgia Robert Walker the mark air show hi mark Hankins nine excellence going on robin well I was thinking maybe but then again me and as a teacher I deal with a lot of parents and children and you you ask what parent would bite Twinkie serial for their child in the cynic in me says always the same he says I can't give them anything with red food dye and I'm not making it now many you know what I'm saying I do my my hypothesis is and I have limited experience with with children so this and take it with a grain of salt is that the the parents that are actually buying this for the see the serial for their kids twenty serial have no control over their kids basically whatever the kid wants the kid gets that that type of relationship where if you don't have control of your kids they're gonna pick twenty serial and yet you're just as they are that's what he wants that's a little Johnny wants that's what Johnnie gets good good call yell bless your heart though teaching America's youth you're doing you're doing well my friend Ron is in calming Ron welcome to the show Hey guys I'm from Michigan and like many of you we we couldn't have any sugar and during the summer warm months we had what you guys had corn flakes and special K. but in the winter and the cold months I think Chuck mentioned cream of wheat yes oracle with no sugar and we would have also cocoa we switch I had to gag those I've never heard of that so cream of wheat for for Suthers basically cream of wheat was northern greats basically is what cream of wheat was yeah yeah yeah I didn't mind cream we added doctored up though you could you're right you could just eat it straight out of the bag did you would you guys just checking the fancy this of the dead green household and Chuck oatmeal did your did your mom make it with milk or with water well could pendant on the day that it what day of the month ahead with the cat was giving you that day well I mean sometimes around at about because we had to these powdered milk male shar yeah they really yeah a we're poor mills condensed milk I can't remember my mom ever make or does matter it was just it was always old we are kind of water yeah Mike's in Monroe Georgia Mike Walker the show you know going out I liked lucky charms that was not never once in my life that's what the model is right magically delicious marshmallows my mom want to stab me in the kidney so my mom's favorite euros foster many which you know you talk about tomorrow yeah that now there are two types of shredded wheat you had the minis and then you had the giant ones that were just basically like a break right how do you even go about eating that break of shredded wheat I get softer real you just cut in the fall apart in the in the thing yeah that's that's just okay good go ahead buddy I have an idea for a no Sir okay the red white and blue was little marginal troll when did the orange with great or I will is I don't know is that sack religious fervor.

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