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Seven forty two hundred seven one let's check in with Jeff body care find this guy sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com is aggressive problems in Burbank are yeah quite a problem here on the northbound I. five right outside of Burbank airport now if you're leaving Glendale of Burbank was suffering it's round is very easily but north five at the point of this stuff we had the two left lanes open but now it's just the far left lane open and the three right shut down fire department lap but there's bad crested trying to clear it so get a right now as I speak to it's only the left lane is open the backup is just north of the one thirty four now here's the way around and it's quite easy use blinds oaks all the way coming out of go Glendale through Burbank and you get on the north five at point of this store can tell you what the Hollywood way and your north of the problem and no delays at all for you now southbound all a drop of blood Hey you guys that everybody second a lot it's get real slow coming down from Hollywood way injured in an accident this is super one super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock Kay and find this guy in this report is sponsored by express franchising dot com can't find this guy helps get you there faster I'm Brian autumn you work hard and have what it takes put your experience to work and start your own business for a limited time express employment professionals will give you twenty five thousand dollars to open your own franchise start your business with express visit expressed franchising dot com today that's expressed franchising dot com how you feel in bed matters what your sleep whether you're awake it's summer which means less traffic and more time in bed make your bed the most comfortable place in the house with a fresh set of bowling brand shades the bowling brand signature soft sheets are made exclusively.

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