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Auto hopkinson eight sixty six one nine hundred. He's very curious to see. Yeah and he so good like he's had his awakening now in this offense with gov. I can't wait to see what his numbers are going to be. Like moving forward because like i don't think you can keep pricing him like high high forties low fifty year. He's gone over in both games. Both receptions and yards. He nine targets this week double digit last week. Like he's the guy in this offense the andrea swift for forty seven in the passing game. Goes to show you again. He's going to be the primary passing down back for when the lions star trailing it's the andrea swift time where we saw that it again last night. My quintas safest. We'll see what happens when tyrone williams comes back for the second week in a row. Seven targets received this four. Sixty three and a touchdown he he honestly looks like they're best wide receiver and that's not saying much obviously given the state of this receiving core but he looks pretty good. Davante adams relax on monte after one week. Eight twenty eight for one twenty-one on nine targets the mvs thing absolutely ridiculous i would have liked aj dylan touchdown like a jones had seemed like the comedy. We're gonna get one honestly. I really do. I did too. It was just every time like they would cut away at the end of like a play like the show like matt. Leflore on the sideline or dan campbell or something else and then they would come back to the huddle be looking to see like is it. Twenty eight thirty three and every single time. It was thirty three. And that's a pretty funny like sweat in it of itself. When you have these anytime touchdown props who was in the game down by the goal line like substitution surveyed. Who's actually got your offer. Classes out looking at the tv like wait a minute. Wait a minute. Who was the camakers last year right. Yeah acres for the rams against the bucks. That's exactly right before he took over that that full-time job interesting note on rogers. The last five times that aaron rodgers lost a regular season game. He has come back the next game. And exactly four touchdown passes and no interceptions in the last five games following a straight up loss. You better you bet. Nick hostels can barclay terrific tuesday going over the packers and lions last night and now spending ahead to week number three a man. Lion's run defense gashed in week. Number one by the san francisco forty niners gashed last night by the green bay packers rolling into town this week. The team that ran for two hundred fifty yards on sunday night. Football lavar jackson and the baltimore ravens ravens. A nine point favorite at the lions total forty nine and a half and then we get an nfc championship game rematch. From two years ago in the bay area. San francisco's first home game. This season very interesting spread in this game very interesting. Total in this game can one of the games of the week. San francisco laying three and a half against aaron rodgers and the packers and the total forty seven and a half and Worth loading not just a rematch of that Nfc championship game. Where the the forty niners really kinda throttled them especially offensively versus the packers defense. But they had played in the regular season that same year. Late-season sunday night football game where the packers were completely embarrassed in the game. I think it was twenty eight. Nothing niners like in the second quarter passers bottom last year but is like india yet. But it's just an interesting kind of backstory. Normally it'd be like two years ago. Who cares it's like well the Floor rogers distribute arapahoe. So at least we have some of the similarities. Just interesting historical..

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