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And it was OK. Everything is going to start on time. So I buy my flight for you know the weekend before pitchers and catchers you're supposed to report because when pitchers and catchers report Writers get access to the ballpark. We get in there. We're all set to go. And then you find out that maybe they push spring training back and I'm thinking, Oh, maybe I'll have to push my flight back. I don't really have a hotel yet, So we'll figure this out that I find out that okay. It's all starting on time. But writers actually aren't let in for an extra week this year. So the first day that I can be at Scottsdale Stadium isn't until February, 22nd. For the Giants. First team workout Today is February 11. So I am going down there. I might just come back. I might come back after the weekend, and we will see, you know, may can't spend enough time in Scottsdale and so we'll see. We'll see. I don't have my hotel reservation starting. So, as you know, I went to Arizona State living off a few friends couches for the week. And reporting on baseball from the Scottsdale area is kind of my story right now. It sounds to me like this is not this is not a work trip. It sounds to me like you're cruising down may have a feeling that this is a work trip. This is the work grinding away. When you get there I will be. I will be. I got a ton of interview scheduled. All I needed just borrow a friend's wife. I said, Well, let's see if we can get some answers because you said to me that there's so many questions around this team, and there are and you know, baseball prospectus puts out there thing with You know what you project the Giants defense. Shit. I think they had him it at like, 76 wins or something. And yes, I've seen 74 75 76. I have not seen anything in the eighties. So far by the way, can I Can I just make a statement quickly here, and that's the 76 or 77 Win team is the most frustrating team in baseball to work like the 2000. I don't know. Can I offer you like a 2008 San Francisco giants like You mean my favorite San Francisco giants of all time, or, you know, come on Jorge Castillo and third base. And And so it was one Benji Molina was hitting his prime. Yeah. Big money in little money, And I want to say problem may have come up the next year, you know, nine Hotness. Yes, Yes, I think so. He may have been end of 2008 and had too many at bats to win Rookie of the year in 2009, because he would have been that guy that year. Can I offer you like a Ryan rolling? Or maybe making a appearance? By the way? That was Brian Bo Cock? The starting shortstop that might have been the year of the Brian Bo Cock was the starting shortstop Kevin Franzen gets hurt in spring training on Marva scale was hurt in spring training, and so they go to the singlet. Shortstop at but you know what came out of that? Oh, a team and in my memory, 08. No. Nine was big for pieces that led to the bullpen run for the World Championships. Sergio Romo. They had to find Guillermo Mota was a guy They brought over in, like, Oh, wait or 09. Danny Santana was around. So serious mottoes is your remember. You're remembering some guy's better than how about how about Alex Hinshaw? That's a lefty. That's a guy who I loved him. So I had that bugs Bunny curveball anyway, dude, lots of questions around this team who's gonna be the closer Whose baton against Who? In which line up to you. You came up with syriza of kind of like mailbag questions right about about what we should be focused on for this year. Yeah, I've been focused on this writing for the Bay Area News group this week. Bunch of different giants topics that were thrown out there to fans getting their reaction and I want to ask you some of the most burning ones and, of course. The most important place to start when Farhaan Side, he said that the biggest offseason acquisition for the Giants was not actually any players that they've signed or traded for, but his Buster Posey That leads to the question. What can the Giants realistically expect from Buster Posey after he will go 550 days between starts if he starts on opening day for San Francisco. See, this is Ah, That's probably the biggest question period and not so much so, like. I don't even think that's the biggest question like like relevant to success for the Giants, But I do think, if poses good or opposes the Posey. We were used to seeing for so many years. Obviously, the Giants are in a much better situation. I think the better question is like What are they looking for? Like you can have your expectations for like we need him to to put up these numbers. But what does he need to do to help this team be successful. He's gonna play Gold Glove defense. It's just what he does behind the plate. I don't know how much run he's gonna get it First. There's a lot of right handed bats. There's there's no reason for Buster Posey's to pick up the first base and spent this year. No reason whatsoever. So the question I have is, Does he end up in a situation like we're watching Warrior basketball right now? Second warrior reference of the pot by the way today, Steph Curry looks like he's more fresh than we've ever seen. And Draymond Green looks pretty good, too. He had a four game scratch over the last week or so. Re and 50 assist his legs Look good. I think there's something to be said about guys in the N B, A who play year after your deep into the playoffs, putting a lot of extra miles on those legs. The same can be said about Buster Posey in the postseason. For that stretch of years, he comes up in 09 sure, at the end within 2010 in May deep into the postseason, when the World Series 12 the exact same thing, 14 the same thing, 16 the same thing into the playoffs. All of those times. I think you said this last week outside of the Grand Slam off from that way toast. There's not a whole lot of offensive Colin cards for Buster Posey in the playoffs, So it's all about how he handles the staff how he handles the defense that he calls pitches and maybe unrivaled by anybody in the game today, outside of Yadi Molina in ST Louis Buster is the best catcher of this generation. So for me, it's about where he's hitting in the lineup. What are your expectations for the offensive production? So I don't know if he's gonna be like Is it gonna be Steph Curry fresh because he's had this time off, or is he gonna be that hip is just is just still not what it used to be. You know what I mean? I'm really Yeah, I'm really fascinated because I believe it was. Nick Hundley, who said back in 2017 when he was first playing with the Giants came into spring training and said after Hundley had played it course field in Colorado that if Buster Posey was a Colorado rocky, he would win the batting title every year. He is that type of a hitter. He is that type of knowledge plate discipline. Ability to go the other way work with what pictures are giving him and he just wasn't healthy enough in 2017 2018 2019 to really do much damage And now that he will have this year and a half off in between serious baseball competition that's putting stress on his body. Will he return to that level? Where you know he is a 300 hitter? He is a 3 10 guy. We know he's not gonna hit 20 home runs. That's just not happening. He probably won't play enough to hit 20 home runs. Will he catch 100 games? Well, it only be 81 games. How quickly will Joey Bart working the next I'm really fascinated. See all of us, and I think we're gonna learn. Ah, whole lot. In spring training about what Buster Posey is capable of just based solely on where he is in line up how often he's playing. If they've got him going back to backs. It'll be interesting to see Adam. I want to move on to pressing question Number two, and that is speaking of the lineup. Speaking of where Buster Posey's hitting. I do believe it'll be much lower this year than it was under Bruce Bochy is the Giants lineup better? Against right handed pitchers or left handed pitchers. Keep this in mind against righties. You'll see Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, Tommy Lost Ella Alex Dickerson. Maybe new trade acquisition. Lamont weighed against lefties. It'll be Donovan Solano, Donnie Barrels. Wilmer Flores, Darren Rough, Austin Slater and Marie She. O D. Bon..

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