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Welcome back I don't want to hear that things are looking great the United States so much better than they were perhaps this is the best adjusting for the week ending on may ninth a grand total of eighteen children in the United States were hospitalized because of coverage okay under eighteen eighteen to eighteen under eighteen two weeks ago and then may ninth were hospitalized because of it know what you think of a number of reasons kids are hospitalized and I'm the proud father of three and I can remember when they went to the hospital when they went to the R. and and thank goodness none of them had serious childhood illnesses but there are so many more kids than that going to the hospital each week it does does does not impact children in the way that impacts old people and people with underlying conditions primarily primarily cardiovascular disease all right so they had a at twelve hundred patients the week of may ninth had to be hospitalized because of Kobe plus underlying heart disease hypertension our two thousand thirty six people had to be hospitalized obesity seventeen hundred those are the big three hypertension heart disease obesity plus coveted means hospitalization that mean death gas are just so much better the mortality in the United States total has plummeted plummeted plummeted all right for the week ending may nine two thousand and eleven Americans died from cove it that's awful that is one seven the number that died a month earlier in the week ending for eleven to fourteen thousand during the seven people died of coverage two thousand eighteen in mid April two thousand three hundred died in mid may that is just great but we can drive those numbers lower if you wear your masks and you go to a store you have to wear a.

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