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Here's Taylor for part advocates. He'll try to tie it. No good. The rebound. Grab by Taylor's hurt. Now, the other end, here's hap- spitting. Cut off by pardon back out to Davidson repeats half puts up the jeopar-. Go foul was called on their part. Taylor Taylor Olympic. Robitaille down awkwardly jackal. I did. I saw me stepped undecided was. That was a makeup pardon. How about his bad as the other at first foul part Miller, Kappen AJ turnaround, gauge, Taylor out. One for two to the free throw line. By the way, tip of the cap tonight to the northwestern students because they have turned out. Full force here. Free broke girl by hack. By four forty seven thirty three. I know teach on a seven game losing streak has played all that. Well at home the last couple of types out. You don't always see it not just here. Anyway. Second free throw well off the Mark rebound law. Thirty seven thirty three close. Most of them are thirty seven thirty three Wisconsin. Bears law to the foul line steps back. Fires two thousand gets it ends up hard against. Charles Thomas gives back to law raw faced by dry gets inside in and out. He put it into the cylinder literally to pop back out. Here's davis. Other at half base by China scoop. What up reversing the rebound taking vows zone. And here's law to the other add scripts foul zone off to part at the foul lives. Derek part how by half. Call it the floor that will get us to our.

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