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It did I represent the Bronx. I thought it was liberals mood. Humorous. Sometimes humorous. Why, why was what could possibly be humorous about their excellent? Espanol. Just going to start saying. Which. Will not get you an answer to your question. Actually, it was good. I thought it was a good gesture to the fact that we are diverse country's diverse. God, they just they have overdosed on the word. Diverse thing is just crazy. That's the day. See right, Heo, see Stephen Volk, because it's just another democrat party show. Every day, you must have the steady diet, you must be tube fed day and night from the view to CNN too late night TV to primetime, NBC constantly, being tube fed the party message. How can you escape it? Well, you have to use your brain, and that's where the rubber meets the road speaking of using your brain. Let's go to sound byte number five Houlihan Castro. This is this is kind of the democrat party in a nutshell, and it's just perfect. Can we abort trans babies, please? I'm sorry. What can we which organs do you harvest? I don't know. I'm a little. Confused by the nature of the question, because now the, the Democrats, I think are mostly suffering from some kind of gender dysphoric, and they're struggling, it's an internal struggle. But now it's on the outside too. And, and who in Castro yesterday, what's to make sure that we and they wanna repeal the Hyde amendment because they care about children. So keep that in mind and, and Lillian Castro. When asked about it was like asked about the hey Julia what time is it? And he looked at his watch and said, well, but let me talk about a boarding, trans babies or something. I don't believe only reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive Justice..

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