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Four five six eight three four sleeve hard work make sure you stay with us because we did holders may fall which will give you a an update on one of the ones that you had requested the rants was kind of a sort of which we will play before the top we'll play them in our little got there are little as second before to K. B. so play that maybe yeah about fifteen minutes or so he played played at that point so make sure you stay tuned for that the new thing when people return to the beach is going to be the trike kini have you heard about the track he try try me yes our three pieces I know I know it's a third piece is this is what happens it says one high fashion meets the high seas amid a pandemic in Italian designers colorful facemask bikini set dubbed striking is selling like hot cakes even though she created it as a joke according to a report she made this bikini and then she match the mass to the bikini so it became a try kini and apparently women are buying this thing off the shelves and sometimes the best thing to do or by accident so there you go now it moved them mask matches the bikini which is very important that is that is genius genius so it leads to a whole different mindset when someone says they are going topless with G. try king that's true that we don't want you going topless leave the topic alone you can jump medalists are if your lawn is a lot of bliss but you can't you can't go topless with the tri kini but that is a that's a great idea that is in us essentially what happened is she says the idea was born joking with the family she says but after posting images of her daughter sporting the three piece suits on Facebook the garments became a viral hit with orders flooding in for her stores so she started to make these bikinis with a matching up mask and it it's become a hit they try kini the trade fantastic yeah yeah that's what you never know that is rich office thing I tell your woman you say John yes Italian woman so this is a great learning and I'm freezing this myself try kini if you look at how I may go for the first time ever in a bikini Hey by kini yes so I I think that this should be part of it I have this for men yeah remember when they had strong matching trunks Greg Abbott this is genius merger your board shorts the right you're not going to unical speedo Expedia by June I've been working at a chain lines during this fandom and kind of what you can watch it you know every go nude beach but I'm still going to go with the one piece so I really I'm not seller this year I had my myself this it's already going a great idea yeah Celsius yeah your big movie guys so want to give you this one I don't know what you think is Scarface but they're going to do a remake according to all right why her room is so polluted mad I can have a kid with a they're gonna do or what they're gonna do a remake which I don't know how you yeah I would I don't know if somebody else could do it all over again and I know they can have somebody new obviously night all three Brian DePalma was the director and they're going to do a new one which I'm telling yeah some movies I don't think you can remain in place damn good Tony I'm looking here the third does your acco Roach you package wizard of oz movie a hundred times I love you know when you watch it now though there are certain movies that are just so non PC you know I'm not that you know I understand the genre like you watch blazing saddles now it is just blatantly rakes but it's even better that I can't watch this after this awful evil Scarface is jazz incredible who's gonna play Tony LOL I don't know but this is not a Ramos Montana of all time let's see did did to do well I mean how would they even picked to play him who would be the young actor that can play Tony Montana Nina it doesn't say but they are gonna do a remake of it better be damn good that's gonna be hard as a rock hard so anyway how many years later thirty seven years later three was when it came out so I don't know how to resolve a years it'll take a while to do it yeah but they are they're going to remake it let's not shelf life or the life she that's gonna be tough for you that's gonna be tough she was great in that movie showing us now back to Quebec more caboose is style stories a sex doll discord and discarded on the side of the road in Australia was mistaken for a human body the doll was spotted wrapped up in a blanket beside a highway in Queensland on Friday morning and police initially set up a crime scene to investigate the doll had the animal brains and blood surrounding it a source told the newspaper but investigators later determined it was in fact a sex doll and not a human body there you go who what when I was trying to hold people I guess all bloody like that will get up to exactly exactly it is dumped ever done by the way a user manual name the doll Naomi was found near the realistic doll so like Naomi Campbell Naomi very beautiful name is very beautiful I could see where if you didn't see they always face and you just saw the body you can see where it looks realistic it's just I can't take a left if you're not you're there you're using this for both Naomi police in the county no now we're investigating who don't the doll that's a they're very upset about now it was wrapped in blood so they thought maybe you know they obviously at first it was a murder investigation totally look locals they go wow that's creepy and it it is creepy I think we said this before but I think the worst you know what that guy who did the are bad jobs or whatever that show was called six dollars probably near the top probably near the top the former athlete toasted show what was the guy's name is on the Ford commercials now Mike sent rather I can remember is that there is a former player that did that nine all time worst jobs ever we had him on the air remember what football player I thought oh really yeah this is a different show terrible that would just be the the I mean that I used to watch that show sometimes and with that the that would be near the top yeah but who knows maybe okay hi this is a pretty funny story make sure you don't leave anything in your desk at work maybe it's too late but apparently a woman went back after months and months and she left the banana draw you'll bananas do yes this is banana riding into desk drawers coronavirus shut down making me feel anxious employer how do you look like a rose she said of the kids in there a couple of months you get a picture of this thing he said chicken or similar that would give it a piece of chicken in the bottom drawer I mean she looked up at manta for nine weeks this zero nine and a half weeks later if this thing is a good movie and a lot of fire that off this week yeah there you go hi I have left so many things in my day at my desk in my bottom my desk drawer and NBC sports bay area just information the maze book that I wanted the you know I always check if I go back there and learn how to manage now I don't have any bananas in every fresh fruit there maybe a bottle of Scotch in the box that says that god that I could still get that but just I want there's so many things I want like we're back at George Karl book the other day when I was furious I could find furious George yeah it's got to be in my office to work I never go back there again damn I gotta go back I know the feeling but not least it was a good manners you should see this picture of this but man it's like I mean just the black it's been any ever Sasha how did that happen to me here you I am green and you think that all this will last forever all of a sudden it just so so you know how often I've I've eaten at brown softening I never eat that banana well before you go out and buy another box you're like god I can't wait for I hate wasting food so I I have trip we take one bite exactly you know what now you say that probably the most wasted food in my house is bananas because I have to have met the perfect right now it's not too green not to write really one of those guys yeah I got it perfect and if it's if it's mushy or anything and I like to make some movies open as its movies but even then like it's too far gone I came past movie I can I hate wasting food yeah I do too but I'll even like you straight off the mold off of piece of cheese by local beautiful like a nice soft sourdough rolls into the phone as he starts the mole and like I see if I just write this off I put in the microwave I put in the oven I'm fine I don't not gonna die right away any any any sign of any like prize because like millions it's gone but it has I think it's generational this is in no way if I see mold all my god I might lay multiple loaves of bread maybe it's price great but often flipping over hillsides firing Hey dad is it that to me I'm not even that to me you are already popping logs I had to do it by that loaf of bread and not rolling away that's exactly we would say to me you know not that last part but he would say like I would see if he what what do you that Bret would you it's got mold around the court cut off people always say that to be our kids are like with the milk but yet they gotta go right to the date when was it that was just sold us the date that so it looks like you know cream cheese or cottage cheese it's fine what are your what are your cornflakes storage diet you're fired I will take I will definitely take liberties with milk and other things let's say it's the you know it's not the bad data whatever but you if you get chunks coming out like your pork belly lets get charged that the chief of the only one I got a careful about is chicken all you have he did a lot of food for the original Minella any kind of meat that's yeah check it out Jeez that's right I'm harsh times job pandemic I'm not going to the store for check it it's fine tags it should I just got off the U. dhisan rather might have cut off the the mold off July zero time I. G. do and just flip it over yeah there was going to see them all I'm gonna cook the mold right off of that's one of the best lines ever just flip it over you what else do we have would more Carter has his friends never seem to miss an opportunity to kid him about his artificial leg by saying about online stories about found prosthetics he says quote I surf a lot so every time a leg is found they get a kick out of it A. L. then on Monday S. friend tagged him online with a story for the Panama City news about a leg found in St Andrews state park this actually was a story about him he's from up of Panama City Florida was reunited with his prosthetic leg on Tuesday after losing it last month while surfing give it to him and he still serves prosthetic leg he lost it then somebody's name what's his name is on the cards are as the same affliction or names pay him while while your college I spent and what would be the goal would be the guy to that year to peg yeah it would be late for what he well he's good anyway guy was a guy was diving for treasure and hunting with his father and he's in he found the lead guy found the leg oh really and they actually return it to a trying to find oh my gosh this thing is a three thousand dollar titanium leg three thousand dollars Hamid we were three million dollars he's three Daddy had no idea that the the man three thousand dollar titanium leg it's like running back could probably beat us in a race yeah man three grand well my legs are what they can do either may I know how lives is laying a lot of giving you one credit he trying to see how they found him like it was I guess a must win his name must been in or something anyway when he finishes this picture with the kid and the guy with the leg it looks but it's pretty cool actually before this happened this happened in Florida course Panama City Florida media got his leg back like you said that's a big deal oh god how much would you pay for your for your your leg a lot I don't care what it's made out of titanium tolerate faster with the new again the old cheese that's awesome well it's good I think you're in the room feel good story that is good as in the US all right next to the we will we'll hear the ramp will update the Paul one last time for today all these big poll and is part of that we'll play your favorite rant is it risk out asked the question I think it's big Bruce what we'll find we'll try to find out yeah try to find them all right with that coming up next and then he gave me at the top of the hour of the month only on the sports it did you know you can listen to pop and land on your Google home smart speaker just say play KNBR the same as a accident clear from the Chilton auto body traffic desk it was north eight eighty before the Montague expressway so there's some slowing before and after Brokaw road up to the north main north.

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