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I never seen. Halftime before this this like. Thank you for coming out. Standard time, ladies and germs. Ken thompson. I do not I your dial dialing is dominant. As me Andrew vein filling in for the Grinch. We'll be back tomorrow and coming up in just a few moments. We will have the best college football guy. I know mega walks dot CO. He'll have you all the info that you could possibly want on college football. Real quick check of the Richard badgen. Finley Finley Toyota out-of-town scoreboard, we have a minute. Sixteen left to go on Monday night football, falcons up twenty three to twelve on. The giants. Giants are marching on the falcons fourteen yard line. Also still in action grizzlies in jazz grizzlies are up thirteen on the jazz with Christ surprising in Utah wizards and blazers tied at sixty two at just ri- right before half the Lakers and Spurs in the second quarter at nine forty four to go Lakers down seven forty two thirty five sons warriors in the second quarter. The warriors are up dying was second quarter just underway. But let's skip past the NBA and get into college football Emory, and my next guest whispering ski, and I wanna start off with one question for you. Chris was the entire state of Florida cheering for a game that happened in west Lafayette is past weekend. When Ohio State got beaten by Purdue because now central Florida and south Florida both undefeated think they could have. Shot at being in the playoff. Yeah. Well, thank first of all, thanks for having me on. Absolutely. I think there's quite a few teams that were actually pleasantly surprised by that. Oh, come. And I think as we kind of chatted last week when I was on a navy smell that something was coming for state in terms of a potential loss. You know, losing to Purdue wasn't a complete surprise. But like, I think I echo your sentiments from earlier being how it happened. And what Purdue how great they looked really how of folded so that was kind of the extent of the carnage speak was kind of a surprise to me. And right now as we sit the top three teams in the polls. Bama, Clemson Notre Dame all three undefeated. I think we can pretty much guess that. Those three are going to be three of the four teams in the college football playoff. If you if you see embassy UCF remains undefeated would they be the fourth team? Well, I'm I think I'm in the minority, but I I've actually pretty strong opinion. And I just say no, and it's just based on only because of the playoff system that we currently have. So if you wanna talk and expanded plant, which is another discussion altogether that sure I could see them in the top six or eight, but I just can't see based on the teams that they're playing. I mean, I know they beat Memphis three times in the last two years, but they just don't have the resume in my opinion as far as getting into the top four. So I just run the table again. And I think it's an awesome accomplishment. And I think you know, their quarterback. Go to New York and be in the Heisman discussion. But as far as the playoff. I am. I just if it was me, I would say, no, right. So bala- Bama remains undefeated that would mean LSU would get a second law. So that would knock them out of the playoff. They can't be in. I can't see Georgia being in the playoffs because LSU analysis you did the Georgia. So who becomes at four team is it Michigan? Is it Texas is it Oklahoma? Well, the first thing I'll see to it. This is so reason I love college football. Just one of the reasons is because you just never know what's going to happen. And you just gotta let things play out. Usually it's about halfway through the season were worried about committee undefeated team now, we're panicking. Oh my goodness. Now is going to be too many one good one loss teams. And there's also attrition that's been happening. And that's gonna continue to happen in terms of injuries. Right so much. It's going to practice. My comments that were like Bama cleansing taxes have all probably avoided potentially catastrophic injury scares to their quarterbacks US's had got. They're quarterback's banged up. UCS? I mean their quarterback didn't play last week. So having said all that you never know what's going to happen. I think Texas Oklahoma. I think one of those teams in Texas games winning Aniko Guam. I think a one loss twelve thirteen. I'm not saying, that's what should happen. But I just have a sneaky suspicion we're going to see a few more upsets along the way, and it just might be the big twelve backing into it. Now Notre Dame. Obviously does it hurt them that they don't have a chance. Game to play in or because if they remain undefeated, I'm guessing there's no way they're not in the in the playoff. No, I yeah. I mean, again, this is again my anymore. See how it all shakes bagel undefeated with that schedule to me. It's like one hundred percent. I would you know, I think it would first of all it wouldn't be fair and second of all it's going to happen. The bigger question to me is their schedule isn't maybe as easy as you might think and especially that last game against USC. So see there are a couple. There are a couple of games or they might slip up. But I think if Notre Dame runs the table, it's given their you know, I'm looking at their last five games next game is versus navy. I don't see much of a problem there. But the game at northwestern. I I can see the Wildcats giving them a bit of an issue. I don't think Florida state does. I'm not sure about Syracuse and USC. I don't know what to expect from them. Yeah. It's one of those things where you tried it. When you try to look at the schedule, it's always easy to just look at every game individually and say well. But collectively winning all five of them. It's kind of what we're talking about. And I I agree with you hundred percent of northwestern has a punchers chance Florida state's getting better on defense, and they're still my crazy about, but they're not horrible. They play Syracuse on a neutral site again punchers chance assuming Dungy's healthy and playing well and the last game at USC. I'm sorry. I mean, I know that's that's not an easy one either. So I think collectively as a as a five games set. I don't think it's a given order gets in. But if they win all five of those games there. How big is the world's largest outdoor cocktail party game this weekend. Yeah. Well, I was one of my favorite games of the year. And I'm I'm just interested to see walls coming amazing, how quickly Florida's, you know, righted the ship in year one, Dan Mullen, but I'm really interested to see I think the spread in particular. I think I think generally Georgia's still really hasn't proven himself, obviously, they don't want. They don't have a quality win in my view. So we're still kind of assuming Georgia's as good as they were last year. And I'm not sure they're touchdown better on a neutral field in Florida right now as we speak, but I guess we're all gonna we're gonna find out on Saturday. I don't understand is how any anybody can necessarily say. There is good team as they were last year last year. They had that dynamic backfield of Chubb and sunny Michelle and both of them are playing on Sundays now. Yeah. That that's kind of how that's kind of my sentiments as well. And what may be interesting this week to we might see some we might actually see two quarterbacks and that might give Florida a little bit of a little bit of difficulty. If they see Josh fields get him into the game. That might be something that could sort of propel Georgia give him a sort of a change in momentum. If you will because right now a little bit stagnant. I think if they come out and smash Laura then all of a sudden, you know, people will be talking George again. But for me, it's they gotta show me once this year, if if I alwa- goes into Happy Valley and beat Penn State this weekend. Can they get their name in the discussion? I think Iowa's got a great shot to don't think. They're they're playing great football right now on both sides of the ball. And last week. I mean, it was only twenty three nothing. But the weather was awful. It just wasn't conducive to passing it. Also, I think it was the defense played while I think the offense could have done more. If the weather was a bit different as far as making the playoffs. I mean, I mean if they ran the table and beat Michigan state, I suppose I'm more excited. What I was chances to just get to the big ten championship. I think they're playing great football right now. And it's ironically, I think Wisconsin might have a little bit of you're to have more trouble down the stretch. And it could come down to an Iowa. Wisconsin game are three Iwa northwestern game later on in in November. I'm here with a huge big Larry reduce and I want him to get involved in the conversations. I know he's a huge colleague. I not just as you go. Go ahead jazz. The best college football mind in the country. A question, Chris what's up? You still think Notre Dame will get in the final four. Even though they go unbeaten after struggling with a lower ball state team that they barely beat after beating Vanderbilt when Vanderbilt had them beaten. They dropped the touchdown in the end zone. And after struggling against a pit team. I absolutely do. I think there are different team now with with with a quarterback change. And I think at the end at the end of the day when you look at if assuming again trying to forecast ahead assuming they do run the table. So all that said and done when you look at Notre Dame schedule and look who they beat. Yeah. I just there's just there's just no way. I just don't see it. Maybe I mean, I understand completely what you're saying. But I think over the course of the season, I think every team other than probably Alabama, right? He's going to struggle along the way, and it'll be a couple of sort of lesser teams that they're just not gonna pound into submission. And I think once they moved away from wind Bush. I just think I'm not saying that we'll go undefeated. I think it's it's likely, but it's not a certainty. But if they do I don't think there's any way that they don't get in. Okay. Another big game for me this weekend a game at a mostly simul west coast guy, ever see Washington state to Palo Alto to play Stanford who wins this game. Can they interject themselves into that conversation? Obviously they'd have to run the table and get into the championship game. They are only one loss team at that point. We'll do they have any chance or is there a team in the pack twelve that has any chance. That's a good. That's a great question. Again. I'm sort of more. I'm more interested in Washington state's Kansas just to get to the Pac twelve title. I'd like to see Mike Leach grab the brass ring. But as far as making the planet right now. I mean, obviously, I would probably be I'd have the same opinion as most folks and say that I just I just don't see it. I think that the Pac twelve is actually really it's been it's been very competitive. You've got three one loss teams in the north two four two loss teams in the south. So I just think other than Oregon state, I don't really think anyone's gonna get through without two losses. If you include the championship game. So while I really like Washington state. I don't I don't I don't I just don't see it. Right. I know I'm looking at their schedule and their narrow other than this week at Stanford if they can get by Stanford the only really tough.

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