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Kcbs news time three ten is our newswatch continues residents of an rv humidity at the berkeley marina will be allowed to stay in a lot where their vehicles are parked at least for another week so we hear from kcbs reporter melissa call ross the city is decided to temporarily suspend enforcement of laws that prohibit camping in the area public notices dated last thursday and posted in the parking lot of the h s lordships restaurant at the berkeley marina advise people living in rv's and other vehicles there that they are an illegal encampment and need to leave however on monday morning the berkeley city council voted to suspend any enforcement of laws against camping there through next sunday this resident a software engineer who didn't want to give his name is relieved but it's still pretty stressful to to know that in a week i might have to move i might have to like a place that isn't as safe as here the residents say there's is a true community and that they help and take care of each other judy is a special education teacher who's brother lives in an rv parked up a lot with his wife and she says the city should be looking for solutions all we need is for people who are so called to in their heart to step up to the plate in and follow their hearts in and participate in and help create change together the city manager has reported that safety complaints in the area have increased over the last year in berkeley melissa call ross kcbs two thousand people are signing onto a lawsuit against the company whose workers falsified data about the cleanup of the old hunters point naval shipyard kcbs reporter deck sovereign says they blame the company for health problems caused by radioactive soil people who live in the hunters point bayview area are not satisfied that to employees of tetra tech are in federal prison for switching soil samples they want the company and its executives to pay attorney charles bonner has filed a twenty seven billion dollar lawsuit the issue here is community has been poisoned the community that is suffering everyday catherine muhammed says she has thyroid cancer and her kids are sick to lie to us they told us we were safe so i'm scared for the safety of my children ask for my health the plaintiffs in attorneys were blocked tetra techs markets office from serving the lawsuit as police arrive they continued their protests company spokesman sam singer says petrotech has taken responsibility retesting and remediation are complete and there is no hazard to the neighbors health the suit is miracles the veracity of their statements and claims should be questioned but these neighbors say they can't believe anything the company says now about it's cleanup of the hunters point shipyard on whether it is safe to live in san francisco doug sovereign kcbs california's spent nearly a half million dollars providing bottled water to.

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