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Say not a fan at least now with Franklin much more likely was rather more fond of an openly lesbian woman named Lorena Hickok yeah eleanor never came out as lesbian butter super-duper close companion lorraina will very much out very much her close companion the ordeal an ordeal to be endured you know you gotTa work on your sex game when it's described like crossing the Atlantic and the mayflower aw man a whole new world thank you thank you in my fucking third leg still works eleanor. I guess you're more into third is that's fine forever you like positive so FDR and what is almost certainly not an unrelated note began an affair nineteen fourteen with his wife's social secretary it was a woman named Lucy Mercer in one thousand nine hundred and eleanor discovered love letters and FDR's luggage and she was spectacularly kissed her part Lucy was isn't about Mary a divorce say with a bunch of kids so I guess that was a tougher sell in nineteen fourteen whatever anyway FDR's mom wasn't about to let eleanor and CR get divorced so they stayed unhappily sort of kind of together so that's only technically accurate or as we would call it today poly-amorous right I don't like cheers I like the people who still and quiet for that joke look to their left or we Ah I came and saw your last show I don't know why you're being so remove your own separate home and she devoted herself to social causes political causes and her totally platonic lesbian best friend Lorraina and to not seeing Franklin as you do when eleanor commits to not being committed she doesn't commit to that superbug and hard in one thousand nine hundred forty one when after yards health began to fail he asked Lorraine back live with him and she was like hard past no for his part FDR didn't visit Eleanor's apartment until nineteen forty four okay but like I feel like thirty years is pretty progressive as timeframe for one thousand nine forty four to go visit his wife's Lesbian Love Nest the Greek pottery aw FDR did however visit Lucy again who was with him the day that he died and with whom he had a lifelong affair he's also rumored to have had a very brief twenty year affair with his private secretary Margaret Missy la- hand and his son referred to the Crown Princess Martha of Norway as his father's girlfriends so probably made some inroads among Scandinavians as all right I have to admit I was not expecting this essay to include a list of all the mad pussy then FDR who knew what can New Yorkers my right so well I readjust my notes a quick break for a little apropos of nothing.

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