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Don't take pig out of that money. Prime social consultant there Wayne dole. Jiffy no, he told our TV partner channel two. He doesn't believe the people. He knows having gauged any wrongdoing. The clubs cropped up after supporters say they found a loophole in the Texas law. They take a no money from the games, which would be a legal they instead charge a membership fee and players pay for a seat at the table. An employee at memorial Hermann hospital arrested after allegedly using patient credit card numbers to pay his own bills deputies and the Harris County precinct four constables office say that twenty six year old Elliot fee, low or Filo use the plastic to cover his rent pay for food deliveries in hire private car companies like Uber and lift to take him to work. Investigators say that he confessed to running up more than twenty eight hundred dollars in illegal charges. He's been suspended from a memorial Hermann where they say they are cooperating with the investigation. It is now eight o three and eighteen month old boy recovering in the hospital after being shot in the back. It was a possible road rage incident on. On the southwest freeway. Feeder road, the child's father say he accidentally cut off another driver near the guest or intersection and the other driver fired several shots into the car before driving off. Now, the toddler is in the hospital being looked after police still looking for the shooter attorney general Bill bar will not show up or not expected to anyway at the hearing before the House Judiciary committee today. He testified before a Senate panel on Wednesday. But he adjusts objects to the parameters of the house hearings format because they want to ask the Democrats do have the questions asked by attorneys and staffers, not necessarily the committee members themselves. That's how they want him to testify for congress. Okay, now officially okay and scrabble. The two letter word what more than twenty eight hundred new words added to the latest edition of scrabble words. I'm Chevra fryer and Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio.

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