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About that. Good morning. Dr. Check the mice. Joe nocera. I just got in. Let's take a look. Seem to be all right. Except this little character. Jimmy a bus to. Let's see specimen for thirty eight male. To the point of transparency thirty rankings to return to visibility. Pretty sick from something isn't he? Well, keep an eye on him. Any word on Chico? No, sir. I I'm awfully sorry about that. Doctor about him getting away. No, I have happened to anybody. Joe? Dealing with it almost human intelligence when you're handle chimpanzees. Give one advantage like we gave Chico. Can't be blamed if he gets away. But you know, Joe, I couldn't sleep last night. Why not Dr? Thinking about what's happening out the Jameson house. I've come to the conclusion, it's Chico. Dr couldn't be sure of it. New up there last night. I don't know. I haven't seen the morning paper to radio news ought to be on. But Dr Chico's out there somebody would have stumbled over by now, remember, he concedes Joe sees somebody coming towards. Well, another puzzling nine for detective St George Jameson house on Carlyle avenue. Detective Murdoch reports the last night. He's a bottle of medicine jump from a medicine cabinet and crashed into the sea. Is nothing new lately in the Jameson house. This bottle wasn't broken. Detectors picked it up. It was warm to the touch and so the mystery deepens. Local news. Does it? I'm going to have to make it public. Dr. We still don't know for sure us. We do remember how Chico loved cough medicine, Janice. Dictate a press release. New. Thirty eight hundred glove compartment in my God. The doctor was still dictate. Exposed.

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