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Of misfits and dope addicts are here record was, uh On this day in 1947. Benjamin or is it? Schelsky was born to liquid Ohio. Who the hell is that? That's Benjamin or but you're never going to be a rock star with the name or Jackowski hits. Or Ocasek. But he didn't change his name. Well, I know he kept it. Yeah, I have a little faith in the name or Tchaikovsky. Come on, Uh, show died. Very young, then. Mm hmm. Hence. So what the hell Three wonder how Paulina ports Cova gets on with the rest of the members of the cars these days because she do they Well, he's dead. So not friendly. Yeah. Who else is there? No idea is there is the only do care about Yeah, There's one more car. There's there's at least four I think One was a hood ornament. I remember. And then there was the antenna. Yeah. I can't name any other other than those two. I can't name another. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I hope they're doing okay. I know you've been concerned about Pauline and her grief. Well, I was, you know, I did mention her. I think last week or the week before because there was that video of her. And she was allegedly dancing now. She looked great, and she was looked happy and healthy. But that wasn't dancing. Whatever that was. It was like she was just kind of swaying in the breeze or something. That? Oh, no, I love that sound. What is that from that Snoopy? Oh, that's right. Right? Snoopy? Yeah. Does anyone know Never. I hope that as we were playing that car song I hope we're Api's in all of the September fans out there because I think the car is kind of they kind of faded. They were. They weren't happy with our cheek LA freak. They didn't think that was so very September. Very. But you think the cars kind of fit in their love? Yeah, not in the slightest. Not in the slightest, very different No, Nobody really fits in there. If you're going to have I mean, we technically should be playing Alleged Zeppelin song. Every morning. I mean, technically. Guys, I think that September is all about positive energy. All right, but who really mash up? Certainly not the cars. Maybe the who we think everyone matches up. Everyone does. I think if you if you did, like a Spotify thing, uh and you put, you know, Led Zeppelin Spotify playlist. They don't just do Led Zeppelin. They put another things that they think are Mhm. I don't think that I'm guessing the cars would not show up. They might let's let's see. Is there a way to do this on the spot carrying on the Spotify? Uh, The because sometimes I like to do that. Where I say I like this band. I wonder what other bands Spotify will think Here is Led Zeppelin radio playlist. Okay, okay. It includes Hey. Hey, What can I do? Led Zeppelin? Uh, bto taken care of? No. Yeah. There you go. No, that's perfect. Rush. Tom Sawyer. Okay. Grand Funk Railroad, some kind of wonderful, proud Mary by CCR. Then it goes back to Led Zeppelin rock and roll doors. Hello. I love you, Lola by the kinks. Sweet emotion by Aerosmith Back to Bto. You ain't seen nothing yet Another bto, then the ocean from Led Zeppelin, Then another CCR down on the corner, then White rabbit from Jefferson Airplane and then Legs ZZ Top. I think that that is leaning toward that's leaning toward cars. Yeah, cars and ZZ top his cars and Jason No, It is not give more ZZ top later on the list, and then more leads up and then Van Halen hot for teacher. No cars on there, then Peter Frampton. And we're back to rush than the Who. More CCR. Steve Miller Cream? Yeah. And ZZ top of grains. They keep coming back to ZZ Top George Thorogood. More doors. Rolling stones first appearance. Sympathy for the devil. Thanks. Good, deep purple. I think I've made my point. Gina Boston, Darling is where it's not on there is she is the freak is not on that. Well, yeah, of course. But part part I would say cars is in the same category as if you have a car's playlist. I think LA freak might show up. That's the list. Oh, Jesus. Well, I got a plate today. Uh,.

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