Tommaso, Shawn Miller, FBI discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


And these sports figures but tommaso has to be publicly accessible as part of his job and so if he keeps walking in the rooms where he doesn't want to answer the questions because there might be some criminal implications like my guest is that that's going to get testy overtime if every room that he walks into that's what the questions are about when did it to yourself whale up a he did it to himself accommodate he knew he was breaking rules along the way they got away with it forever and and now they're not gone away when it on worse to god's again i go back to when i i really don't think that these people thought they were committing federal crimes in a way that would ever be prosecuted i don't think shawn miller if he knew that this was the end result that he'll never work again in the sport like which is seems possible riot yana wiretapped one hundred thousand dollars with the fbi i don't even know how many different kinds of crimes that might be at that amount of money like i don't even know what y your trap or wiretap transfers wires across state lines i don't know any of that stuff i don't know the crimes that they're guilty of but my guess is that they didn't know either what the consequences were to these crimes you can say they knew they were doing something wrong i i keep thinking this is reversed i think they might have known they were doing something wrong according to ncaa rules i don't believe that they knew that they were risking criminal penalties federal criminal penalties i don't think that they knew that that's what they were embroil here's what i think i think they never ever took the time or care to figure out exactly.

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