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Rob Archer in For Chris Eden's Our Top Local Story, 11 03 Alec County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is taking a major stuff to deal with deputy cliques. Okay. Next in seventies, Pete Demetriou is live with the latest Sheriff was talking about an incident that happened 2018 a fighting Kennedy Hole between deputies of the East L. A sheriff's station who shared common tattoos and an affiliation known as the banditos people had defense attorneys had called it a deputy gang that was engaged in criminal activity. A two year investigation included a look into possible criminal actions, and then there was administrative actions, The sheriff said. The actions of such gangs or clicks will not be tolerated, and he said they're taking definitive action. This week. We're delivering 20 years of intent to suspend or terminate department employees as a result of their involvement in that incident that took place at Kennedy home. Chief met person and commanded April tardy will attest to the thoroughness of that particular investigation, and the broad examination were undertaking of the entire department Sheriff said that they're going to have a zero tolerance for clicks of deputies that engage in activities which are detrimental to the department and when Juries to the community and they will continue these investigations, the 26 letters that went out Indicate that there are administrative protocols that will be followed. But it could lead to a lot of these deputies being either transferred, disciplined in other ways or outright fired. It's a rather unusual step for the sheriff's department. Reporting live in downtown L A on Pete Demetriou Okay and extend 70 news radio. The state's power operators have called for a flex alert tomorrow, meaning they want you to use less A C in the heat wave. We haven't heard the phrase flex alert for a while. In fact, Cal I so spokesperson, and Gonzalez says they haven't issued one since last year. But the time has come.

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