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No water is being released now let's get an update our best reporting has been coming from you thank you so much for helping Jimmy through the early part of the afternoon I'm going to check in with Joseph thank you so much for being patient Joseph what can you tell me where are you and what are you seeing. I just drove through king would okay and I've got some good news Westlake Houston parkway is now it's now clear from about king would drive all the way up to mills branch you're able to get that through that area there are some stalled cars on the road and off to the side you have to go around but if you're trying to get in and out of king would your best bet is to take Ford road office fifty nine all the way to Westlake park way now the intersection at Westlake Houston parkway in king would still have some water on it if I would not suggest going through it but there are some large trucks that are passing through north park much of the north park is still under water but if you're trying to get in and out of king would take Westlake use Westlake Houston parkway to mills branch excellent reporting thank you so much Joseph we appreciate that all right a let me check in with Dave Dave what do you see where are you. well I can and Washington and than here for four hours yes you're since you're sitting in that parking lot we've we're getting reports throughout I tend it has been flooded you've been sitting there for four hours you're not seeing any movement yet anything else you can add to that. just people are are getting out of their collars going on the the inbound side to maybe go to this Exxon over here and there knee deep in water and my question is you know can we just leave our. our goal here is banned in your vehicle yeah. the answer is but I do not have an answer and I'm not going to give you a recommendation more. okay day well thank you for letting us know I town that Washington still a complete standstill Andrew.

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