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From the city the changes the world this is jio san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of kgon oh aj cumulus station now on amazon's alexa opened a kedo eight and still be free to the judge who sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting unconscious woman will now be decided by voters in santa clara county supervisors in santa clara have order judge aaron persky is recall to be placed on the ballot in june after a petition calling for his removal michelle dhabarey is a stand for law professor who led the recall effort she spoke with eric a hill on ahl ends on the story we hill that through our petition on the voters of santa clara county has spoken back loud and clear recall petition certified ninety five thousand signatures making it eligible for a vote the federal judge shh and president donald trump slammed during the campaign over the trump university lawsuit is back in his life jim rupe reports that same judge will be hearing the border wall lawsuit filed by the state of california during the campaign then candidate donald trump's a judge gonzalo curiel should recuse himself from the trump university lawsuit because of his mexican heritage judge curiel difference judge curiel will be hearing the case file by california attorney general heavier pasera charging the administration is illegally skirting environmental laws to build the border wall california that's not going to fly case is set to begin later this week the administration of citing a nineteen 96 immigration law when arguing that it does have the right to waive environmental laws in order to build the promised wall leaders in san francisco have a proposal to eliminate criminal justice fees a first for any city in the us is means people can victims of crimes will no longer have to pay fees for electronic monitoring or community service the move is part of a larger pushed to alleviate what critics have said is the unfair burden the criminal justice system places on low income people now to the high rollers the los angeles times is being sold to a california bill billionaire for five hundred million dollars ending its strain tenure under the owner of the chicago tribune dr patrick soon xiang is a major shareholder of chicago's trunk inc one of the richest men in los angeles.

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