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I think you can get a little flat footed and part of me believes it's just he had a lower body injury back in 2017, and I think he's probably recovered on Lee. But some of the tape that I'd watch it seemed like he was a little hesitant outside of that, if if maybe they trade back or we were just talking cornerback, So if they trade back or or something happens, I would say The next guy would be Eric Stokes on out of Georgia. I love physical press corners. I like guys. That play was kind of a nasty side, and you can put them almost on an island just simply because of their physicality. I think Stokes bring that not a straight to tackle. He's great and run support. So I would feel those would be the three guys that I absolutely love in this class. I love that. You mentioned that Stokes is one of the hashtag my guys in this draft and he fits with Vic Fangio life. He needs TVs that can tackle you know that That's kind of the Vic Fangio system. Do you think that you know you're based on its early, obviously, But, you know, I've kind of lobbed up the idea that Peyton, in his first year as general manager of the Broncos may want to trade back out of nine on and multiply picks for next season and for the future, And you think that that's a possibility they trade back out of nine. They can still pick up Stokes later on in the first round in that Absolutely. I mean, they had nine total picks in this trap. But they only have as of right now that the estimated cap space is a little north of 10. Obviously, things will change when we get into creating, see, but yeah, they absolutely could move back. I mean, 12. You know, San Francisco is Trey. Lance is there and in this organization they're set. On To lock. I think San Francisco moving back moving up getting trade land because I don't think Jimmy G's gonna be there very long. New England that 15. What direction did they go on? A quarterback s o. I think moving back. It's certainly on the table and maybe even Minnesota fortune, so You have plenty of options that if they move back, I think that's that's perfectly fine to take your guy Don't hesitate. Don't try to pull the trigger and move back and James, you're probably not going to do it. So if they do move back, Yeah, I think some of those teams could be there and then taking a guy like Stokes would make a ton of sense. Russell Brown joining us at Russ NFL draft on Twitter. Now, how would you prioritize if you know what you know about the Broncos roster where some of their holes showed up. It seems like on the defensive side like everything Last year's on the offense seems like they might have to swing back the other way on the defense and maybe get a little younger in some spots. So if you're prioritizing things for the Broncos into the draft, what are you looking at? What your top three positions that you need to fill? Right now, I would have to say it would be between corner and safety. And I know you have Simmons. I know you have cream, Jax, but you gotta you know, you got to re sign those guys. You have to make sure you have them. And last I checked. Simmons is not under contract. So and Kareem Jackson. I mean, he's 43 34 years of age, so you have to get a little younger there, and I think this is a decent safety class. That really just started diving into it. So I mean, we talked coolers. I'll talk a couple safety names for everybody. You know, Richard account out of Georgia. Another one of those guys. Play makers got pretty good ball skills on Francisco. That's my God. You had your not porn is a CEO. I think he would be in the conversation in the top safety in this class. I think he's gonna fall in a similar situation is Malee cooker when he came out just due to injury, but similar ball skills, great playmaker, So I think he'd be a great fit. And outside of that, if we're still talking defense, I mean, I think it it does not hurt to look at at another edge rusher in this group and I know you have some guys and job and Miller but looking potentially at another ad Russia maybe a Carlos bash from out of town to Wake Forest, Shaka Tony out of Penn State or even Irani Perkins, Oklahoma. I think all three of those guys a little bit different in their own way. Tony's more of that traditional explosive pass rusher bashers got that. Screw the power Ronnie Perkins as well with a little speed to power, so depends on what they're looking for their butt. They could be some day. Two guys that they look at, But I would probably go corner safety defensive end and then I would probably we look on the offensive side just with running back and obviously some offensive line help because you can never have too many offensive line. What do you think about Brendan Cox? The ads out of Florida. You know, I don't mind him. I watched two of his games so far, And I think this is a guy that it has some upsides. I like the overall size of this guy. He's a massive God. So I think he's pretty solid. I would like to obviously see him get a step or two faster. But overall, the speed to power that the powers would really stands out because you've got a thick, lower body. I think he's one of those guys. That when we get through this entire process and again, it's early. Some of the guys have already talked about people have been talking about for months, but he could be a guy that really starts climbing up after you know, a good offseason. Is there anything else this far? Is Broncos? This? The last one I have for you, Russell Brown joining us. Is there anything else for the Broncos? That mean you mention a lot of stuff? They're on the defensive side. Offensively. I'm not saying that they're there, 100% said, because once again, their their offense was one of the bottom in the league this last year. I think a lot of that having to do with the quarterback and whatever decision, they decided to make their But they seem pretty set it almost everything else. There are conversations happening about whether or not they should address offensive tackle because Juwan James's might be his last year with the team when he comes back, So would you consider that a bit of a sleeper position here for the Broncos to address earlier in the draft? It's funny. You mentioned I think it is, And I think it could actually be a sleeper position relatively early as well. I mean, if Patrick entertains gone, they can't get the trade back there. Not comfortable with really how the board sets up. Maybe there's an offensive tackle there. And the guy that I would say is response later out of Northwestern. If we're talking earlier, he's got experience playing left tackle. He's got experience playing right tackle each a former guard in high school, actually, and I like him on the interior. So you would bring some versatility. You could play both tackle spots if we talk a little bit later. Love Dylan redone about a North Dakota state. He could very well go in the first round. He's just they mean player he stopped in aggressiveness loves the finish really good length at 66. And then the other one is Kevin Jenkins at Oklahoma State. He's a natural right tackle. Very aggressive, really good length at 663 10. He's every bit of that. I think you could get a little bit cleaner with his footwork like those two guys could potentially be day two options. And then the last one off trouble. Has he went out there and promise Jackson Carmen out of Clemson. 653 45. He's got two Definitely clean up some things from his lower body. Ah, little squatty with this stance over, although pretty good grip, grip strength, really good length. He's a natural fit. I think at right tackle and he's just a big body..

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