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Two five four zero seven three nine seven oh or four to five four zero seven three nine seven one. Again, that is a statewide outage for Verizon. Customers should try to call nine one one, a man is dead. A woman critically hurt after an attack in a home Kirkland's Kingsgate neighborhood this morning. The killer still on the run officers tried to use a canine but they had no luck tracking that person police say that was not a random attack. The people here know the killer and that person has left an area coma. Suzanne fon reports. Five other people were in the home. They were not hurt. No word yet. What led to the attack on lake forest park police officer slightly hurt this morning during a scuffle with a suspect whom officers had to chase down. They tried to pull him over, but he got out near thirtieth avenue northeast and northeast eighty second street and ran on foot. He was later arrested. We don't know why the police pulled him over initially police deadly force inquests are returned to King County after a two year suspension to make the system more fair couples Corwin Hake with more for those killed in police shootings argued the system was rigged to favor the cops in a procedure designed to lay out the facts and determine whether an officer should be charged. Officers were bringing in lawyers to argue their case as if it were a trial almost one hundred percent of the time the result exonerated the officer last year I ordered a hold on. All inquests county executive Dow Constantine says that hold has led to reforms families of the victims often low income people of color are guaranteed representation AMI's. We'll be afforded attorneys through. The department of public defense, the first inquest under the new rules is likely to be an inquiry into the death of various butts, a nineteen year old shot and killed by Seattle. Police in two thousand seventeen after he and his sister shoplifted beer, chips and donuts from downtown seven eleven Corwin Hake. Komo news coming up. More details coming out today in a full report of the most recent count of homeless populations on our streets. I'm Carleen Johnson. Decided, check AAA traffic, once again, and four zero five bellevue's troublespot the last hour or so, let's go to carry Jordan, for the latest on that it really has. We had this term crash in downtown Bellevue. It has been clear, but it's done. Major damage to the driver seeing a solid six mile backup as you're traveling into that area and going from Lynnwood to Bellevue, the travel times dropping, but it's dropping very slowly, we're looking at about an hour and ten minutes right now to do that. Drive in westbound five twenty as a result, you're seeing a three mile back of his trying to make your way to four zero five I want to give a big thank you to. Komo's listener for giving me a heads up. We have a police escort of some runners that there were bridge traveling in the southbound direction, and this is really gumming up the drive. It's bore formed a backup all the way to green lake outside that northbound I five is still busy for Michigan to Seneca southbound. I five crowded as your protein, the ship canal bridge. Finding some extra company on northbound four zero five as you're traveling between Talbot and about northeast thirtieth, and we're seeing scattered slowing northbound one six seven out of Sumner into fists ethic. Our next contract at ten fourteen Abby Coney check in the forecast for you now as we head to the weekend, western Washington and TGIF, a few.

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