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And jona doesn't help with anything. He's withholding from the niniveh. It doesn't want to go proclaim the word. And he also withholding help from the sailors. I feel so bad for the steelers. Were trying everything because they feel like. It's therefore maybe they angered one of their gods so think what can we do. What what can we do. And so then they cast lots which was a way to determine the divine will will until. Let's pick up in verse eight. Then they said to him to. Joanna tells why this calamity has come upon us. What is your occupation. Where do you come from. What is your country and of what people are you. I'm a hebrew. he replied. I worship the lord. The god of heaven who made the c in the dry land. Can you picture this. When joan fess up to who he is and he mentioned that well my god is the lord who made the c. Do you think the sailors were like. Did you think you wanted to maybe talk to your god about maybe solving this situation. We're in right now. These sailors who are fearful probably have a little bit of anger for this fugitive. Half that has put their lives and such danger again. These what we would call. Non believers goto jones. Say what is it that you have done. They know that jones is trying to flee from the lord and that you don't do that when god puts a call upon your life they know when you get a call you follow through you do what is asked and so. They're very dumbstruck. At why jones is on their ship right now. Sailors ask in verse. Eleven what. They should do to joanna. The is not settling. it's getting worse and worse by every moment there's no break into the sailors. Fear is only growing and again. They've done all the can. They're out of ideas. They think maybe if we get to land can put john on on dry land can go on his way to fulfill this call. But it's not happening. So jona says the unthinkable. He suggests that they throw him overboard. Keep in mind. He doesn't offer to jump himself. He wants to sailors to do it for him. So let's play everything that we've we've seen so far. He tried to run away from god. He tried to sleep away from god and now he figures. Well let me just die. So that i can really get away from god and let's be clear. He isn't choosing to be thrown overboard in order to to save the sailors to care for them. He doesn't care at all about him. it's all about him not having to follow through on the call. It's all about him. Not having to do what god has asked him to do. And the enormous burden he puts on the sailors.

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