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A great nation founded on the principle That oh, men are created equal and providing opportunity. The United States is unequaled in history. And so we will pay tribute with Attribute his sons of the flag are veterans. Ryan Birdman parrot right here in North Texas founded Sons of the flag. His interview comes up next. And what they do is provide medical care. For starting with veterans Military active military. It started as a burned charity. Many of you don't know Ryan Birdman parrot was A victim of an I e. D. His best friend was was actually hurt Worse and He went on to recover the realizing how desperate How desperately behind the medical technology for Burns, Wass and so he teamed up with doctors from around the nation and UT Southwest Medical Center. What he came up with. And Parkland here in Dallas actually has a great burn center. What he came up with was advancing medical care for active military veterans. First responders have played a big part. And you know what Ryan did for my support. Alex. What's that? He actually did He throw you out of an airplane airplane twice the first time. It was good weather. Second. I was in November. I get an email a You know, when a Navy seal says Hey, I want to invite you up to go skydiving. That was good. You got to go. Yeah, that was that was part and and that's why on the first skydive is my first time ever. By the way, I researched it. How many skydives do you have to do every year? To equal the risk of death from driving 10,000 miles, which most all of us do. 127. Sky dives is the same risk of death, but not included in that statistic is some people just don't pull their shoot like I think I had a gun in my street do that years ago. You just You know his experience. But anyway, just say too far too fast and forgot, I guess, anyway. Then making a difference is the next interview. Djamila Thomas dedicates herself to the next generation through Big Brothers, Big sisters making a difference here in North Texas. And of course, we'll finish. With updates and a tribute to Dallas finest. So that's the program ahead. Alex been a tough first half of the year, OK? That's an understatement. Unbelievable headlines for four months It was just Horrifying news every single day for everybody. And if that wasn't enough, there was a pile on for worst case predictions. Oh, yeah. And every single day the Yeah. The gloom and doom crowd was out in force. And if you know what was the initial estimate, you know, 20 million people will be will die from this and Thank God it has not been. That's been Ah, yeah, The original projections were two million and You know, now, the tragic death. Still, death toll stands near 130,000 here in the U. S. But that's that's still It's a difficult number with the resurgence. And, you know, I know it took the luster off of the market recovery. The Dow went to 27 5 came back and we're starting to see. Okay. What does it look like? With Partial shutdowns, partial re openings restarts of those, and how do we find our way in the second half? I think one of the outcomes for the second half of the year. Is the progress on treatments, Right? You know what they say? Flu shot instead of flu vaccine because it's not a vaccine right? Because it changes every year. Now. It does provide immunity from one strain of the flu, but each year it kind of morphs and and is different. But at least on the treatment side, Gilead thinks they have it with room disappear. The market doesn't seem to believe Gilly. It actually has The the the solution. I don't know. Well, Gillian, I think it's on the onset of this is said that there Not really looking to make any money on it at this time, so I don't really a profit center. Maybe down the road. It might be But van. Maybe they just should have shut up and let their stock work of know that the reason we didn't do we did other medical dividend cos So the reason we didn't do Gilly, it is They took $12 in earnings and turned it into five. And that's hard that took five years. But all right, so let's do GDP forecasts. I just want to say Okay, What does that mean for the markets and I have a premise. Walk us through the quarterly GDP s And then I want to cover the annual because I want to talk about where we are as a nation a year from now, OK? Yeah, with a vision, So the second quarter GDP expectation. Is a minus 30 for annualized, annualized. Yeah, Annualized, which works out to 10% below a year prior. That's right. So about two trillion has disappeared. In economic activity, and then we're expecting for Q three. A 20% jump in annualized GDP key for about any okay, there's recovery and estimates there. So if I take that and annual ISAT, right? What? Bloomberg projects that this year for the U. S minus 5.7, Okay? That would put us said 90 94.3 then we have 4% plus in 2021 day, so then You know, we're essentially 98% of where we used to be. 2022. 2.9% under that projection. It says by the middle of next year, the economy. Is at a pace that would get to record levels by 2022 early in the year, and I think that will be the focus by this time next year. You'll know who doesn't survive. You'll know what things look like in the post pandemic world safe operations. There was a meeting just recently. All the airline CEOs, you know what they wanted from Mike Pence. What's that? Apparently, they weren't asking him from any more money. Ah, they just wanted temperature checks is part of the so I think that's going to go in that made me feel better. That's a great idea. Chris flu season before it's just a nightmare. You're sitting in the plane and some guy said, you know, John Candy sits down next to you and John. Katie sits down next to you Starts to not sneeze and cough on you. Yeah, you You're like home God. I'm gonna I'm gonna catch the flu from this dude. Well, that that those days are over, did get his temperature checked and then say, Well, John Candy, you have to go rent a car. I can't stay in a bad motel training, not trains and automobiles for you. So the L and the trains wouldn't let him on either. Yes. Oh, but that's that's good. I would also say that The positive surprise would be the normal flu season is preempted by a lot of the safe operation certainly will be for our obviously get free temperature checks when you come in the door. Yeah, that may stand And you know, I did. I did an analysis for client the top six analysis. Okay, So for one case, have a menu and we help people all the time. With that Top six analysis is six different pieces of pie. Sometimes five, sometimes seven or eight and base it on really successful long term performance. And good short term performance. Relatively good, short term performance. Those are the two main bacteria. Yeah. And And also, what is that underlying asset class worth? The projection for next year? By this time is we're looking at more normal multiple valuations more uniform. Right. It's not just 10 companies racing away and the rest of the markets sitting at a minus 25 or 30% as we as we experienced here in the first half, you had a dichotomy. Indexes look good because You got 10 companies powering that when they lose traction, That means it could be 5 to 7 years before you get all time new highs on the indexes. This says record economic activity for 2020 to their way back to the top six analysis. So he has these life policies, which I didn't do. He was an insurance guy, Okay, and it's part of his estate and the variable annuities we've got. We've done the allocations. Well enough inside the variable life policies, which I don't recommend or advocate, but I helped him and You know, he started long ago. So now his values or the death benefit, right? So he built the policies. Well, smart guy. And you know part of it. I I like the high yield choices, right? The blue chip choices, which is which have done well and been well managed. But it was interesting to go through that analysis and see OK, I've got to think by this time next year for that client. Where is this going to be? Right. And how are we going to do the allocations? They changed a little bit. Health sciences We had already had in there and and that was that was one of it. But if you want your own top six analysis for your for one K, especially If you're coming up on retirement in the next few years go two. Net worth radio dot com fill out the preliminary client questionnaire, and that also applies to 5 29 plans. The allocations within policies.

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