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I do i do i really feel good and i just know that my body thrives off adapted jin's which is why am obsessed with four sigmatic because everything has jin seeing rhody yola lion's mane it has these amazing healing properties of the mushroom without tasting like mushroom and my body craves at my body literally thrives off of it so the amazing four sigmatic team is giving you 15 percent off the entire store all you do is go to forcing mediccomforwardangie lee four sigmaticcomforwardag lee and you are gonna be on show rooms irate i love yet take a picture if you are sieff in on some share with me an instagram n let's dive into the episode okay so i'm not really good at hiding really good fun secrets every christmas when i was little back in the nineties my mom would tell me what she was getting me and my brother for christmas sometimes i would squeeze it out of her and say tell me what we're getting for chris because i wanted to know is so bad and one christmas i told my brother he was going to get the men in black cd and um i mean do you remember when men in black was really cool and he found out and he was upset so still to this day mike is upset that i told him that he was going to get the men in black seedy for christmas so being someone who loves to share secrets who let me tell you about what i think the secret is to success what makes a successful entrepreneur successful is it more knowledge is it more skill is it more education i do not think so i don't think that actually has anything to do with it this is what i think it's about and i like to call this the switch at all times is humans are brain has a lot of negative thoughts let's just say it like it is we have gremlins that tell us were not good enough or not pretty enough were not smart enough that's a stupid idea no one's going to like that who were you to launch that business who were you to do that you can't do that we hear this all day long.

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