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Think it's really kind of cords. Speaks to his heart of. He's already kind of deconstructing these pagan things. And he's any see in this thing he's like. I don't know what to do this but I know I need to do something with it kind of I think it's a nice little Some textual a reminder that he's got a good heart he's trying he's trying he's trying to understand the sixties because we listen to podcast and we committees by Ken Burns and like we do that. But this is a kid who's like. I only know the stories that my family tells me and no one talks about GRANDPA even though it seems like he was not great because of what he did to my uncle. Gary you know like he burned him in a fire. But then the other component is like you only have oral histories and maybe pictures on walls. Yeah and whatever this book is and you don't know whatever book as to why and or books right there even a real thing and you don't know to what extent the propaganda the administration's rule. What kind of Oral Histories? You're allowed to tell so verse fourteen. So he'll carry the priests and a lot of names. Not Even GonNa try went to hold. The Prophet is The wife of Shalam the son of the son of Horace. I don't know maybe I love. How many allied there are the the woman at the well gets literally no name but we know who this prophet every connection to a man in her life? Her husband is who his daddy is who his granddad advocate. It's great but you get a Reagan Horn which is wonderful so keeper of the Wardrobe. Now she lived in Jerusalem in the second quarter and they talked with us. All these guys can guys asking whether you're Jamie helped me out because It seems like no one here knows what to do. Despite the fact Mitchum notes. There's a literal priesthood. There there's a man whose job is to be a like prophets or like you got Elisa you have a legacy right Do you picture that when they like. Roll up on a camel by foot. I don't know maybe When they roll it to hold his house I picture it being kind of cobweb covered dusty storefront for profit. Who like? She's like what you need you. You need a word from guy. Oh Hang on. Let me put on my best address. I haven't gotten to do this in a way and a long time because I read that whole that you know there are seven provinces. I think you all know. We know that in a That our beloved in the mid rash in the Old Testament but the two that are considered like the top tier is hold and Debra what..

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