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Yup and we don't want money the other one is acorns and acorns is starting a new service any minute now warns later and it's an acorns roth ira and the way you can fund it is from spare change basically in your accounts you just hook it up to a bank account or a credit card as you purchase things they rounded up to a certain amount and put that take that money out of your bank account and put or off your credit card and put it right into the acorns account in this case it'd be qualified money in iowa or a roth ira which is absolutely terrific so that'd be another way very diversified portfolio there too okay thanks so much thank you set two ways to sunday well and here's i hate to i hate to bring this up because you know how much we love don't do it out in a way naysayer bantering nabobs negative is negatively yeah the thing is that vanguard has been a little struggling appears under the grown of fast growth three hundred seventy billion dollars of money flowed into vanguard last year there now over five trillion dollars they manage a piece in the journal yesterday talking about as a lot of people complaining about sort of the administration issues they've had about you know proper you go you log in maybe your account accountant look right or a transfer didn't happen or sale didn't go as quickly and there's a company actually looked at sediment expressed on twitter that says there now lower the more complaints about them than charles schwab or fidelity to other very large custodians i only mention this because we spend a lot of this program talking about how great vanguard is we use their funds by the way and we see no trouble with their funds but we don't use them as a custodes i think these sound more like custodial issues than mutual fund issues you know what's interesting vanguard s five trillion under management the annual gdp of japan is just under five trillion the sorry perspective while they could by japan we're talking real money are you welcome to total wine and more it's much more than a wine store it's the eighth wonder of the world when people talk about total wine and more they get a little carried away we're just a big.

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