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Rush limbaugh. More fun human being. Should be allowed to have on the nation's most listened to radio talk show. Okay. Here's our montage. This is the drive by media Biden had the greatest launch. Oh, man is the greatest launch. There's ever been Trump is in fact, you know, what let's play let's play by them. I grab audio sound bite. Number two. This would make more sense. Here's biden. This is our montage of his announcement yesterday in Pittsburgh at at Allegheny county, which he forgot how to pronounce early on here. Maga- bony county or Sunday corrects himself. But he was not was not all there, folks. Hang on. Here. We go. Thank rich FitzGerald account. Executive out Getty county, executive beat here and all my time in public life from the sub gotten involved the country wasn't built by Wall Street banker CEO's and hutch frontman if the enterprise hard times everybody took a hit union workers the UAW took inextricable cuts in their future and their pensions in the left to get GM working there. Also got that said last year and try to cut wages freeze wages for the people right today. The same is happening big hospital big hospital systems. I've got to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful economy. What America think children have the same standard? They had how can a person dignity maintained be why they do that. As investing much more in medical research to convert to conquer devastating diseases like cancer, addiction, Alzheimer's..

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