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Of thousands of people each day. They're going to be postponed. I know how hard it is to get an appointment. I know people will say I had an appointment finally. Is it really going to get rescheduled? It's really going to get rescheduled in any state run facility. Neighboring New Jersey has also declared a state of emergency because of the storm and opened warming shelters. Brian Mann NPR NEWS winter Storm warnings remain in effect there. This is NPR news. This is punks. A Tony Phil's Big Day in Pennsylvania has Katie Blackley with member station W. E s reports from Pittsburgh. This year's ceremony will be largely virtual. Thanks to Tony residents began celebrating fills forecasts in 18 86. Each February. 2nd members of his so called inner circle will pull Phil from his enclosure and place him on a stump. According to tradition. He either sees his shadow and winter continues, or he doesn't and spring is on the way. Inner circle member and Phil's handler AJ to room says most of the rituals will still take place. The difference is, if you would turn around and look out to the crowd, you're just going to see any big empty field because there's no public attendance for NPR news. I'm Katie Blackley in Pittsburgh. The U. N Security Council is expected to meet today an emergency session to consider a response to the coup and Myanmar the country's military seized power yesterday, alleging fraud in last November's general elections being Mars military chief says a state of emergency has been imposed for one year. He says he will hand back power after a new leader is chosen to replace on son Souci, who's being detained. The Nobel laureate has been the country's elected leader since 2015. Stock markets in Asia ended the day higher following a day of gains on Wall Street. Analysts say investors were encouraged by yesterday's White House meeting involving President Biden and a group of Republican senators to discuss the next coronavirus relief package in Congress. The S and P. 500 added more than 1.5%. Yesterday, the NASDAQ gained more than 2.5%. I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the estate of Sameer Negi, whose bequest helps ensure access for all to quality public radio reporting and stories that encourage lifelong learning and the listeners who support this NPR station. Good morning edition. The show kicks off every morning. Of course, With the news brief and just ahead, the president plans to sign executive actions on immigration. To stem covert.

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