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Is your markets a trading lower at this hour the nikkei and japan down about one point three percent you're listening to npr news from washington echo fact said today its earnings took a hit in the wake of one of the worst data breaches in history but as empires chris arnold reports the company still made ninety six million dollars last quarter that net earnings figure is down nearly thirty percent from the prior quarter but adjusting for one time costs from the scandal the company actually beat expectations analysts are split over equi faxes future the company had that massive databreach involving social security numbers and other information for 100 and 45 million americans that might hurt ecwa facts longerterm or it might actually help the company because it will spur demand for credit monitoring and cybersecurity services for years to come meanwhile this week the company's top executive told lawmakers that he didn't know if echo faxes now encrypting the personal data keeps on so many americans though later the company said its in the process of doing that chris arnold npr news the vatican says it will no longer sell cigarettes to employees in its dutyfree shops and supermarkets greg burke is a vatican spokesman there's been more and more recognition of the harm the tobacco does and uh the pope of course is aware of this as well and even though it's been a source of revenue for the vatican it's more important to do the right thing and protect people's lives the vatican stands to lose at least an estimated eleven million dollars a year in profits wall street was lower by the closing bell the dow was on one hundred one points to end at twenty three thousand four hundred sixty one the nasdaq was down thirty nine to close at sixty seven fifty the sp 500 was down nine points at twenty five 84 i'm janine herbst npr news.

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